MAMAMOO's Hwasa at the Waterbomb Festival 2022 MAMAMOO's Hwasa at the Waterbomb Festival 2022

Fun facts about MAMAMOO's Hwasa that will make you join her fandom

The maknae of MAMAMOO's will conquer your heart with her adorable personality. Here are some fun facts about Hwasa to now her better.

Thre is not a single soul on this planet who hasn't listened to the addictive track "Maria". In 2020 Hwasa dropped her first solo album with the same name. It is the baptismal name of the talented singer.

Yes, the youngest member of MAMAMOO uses her music to share a little bit of herself. She has conquered the global public thanks to her wonderful voice and fice charisma on stage. She is so powerful!

However, off the stage, the author of "I'm a B" shows her soft side. When she is with the rest of the members is super playful and even cute. Her personality is fun, easy-going and sometimes a little bit shy, at least is what she says.

You would be her fan as soon as you know her a little bit more. Is impossible not to love her. There are tons of reasons, because of her giant talent or her lovely personality, but today you are becoming a fanatic.

Fun facts about MAMAMOO's Hwasa to know her better

1. Her spirit animal is a Lion

Since Hwasa is allergic to animals, she has no pets but she always has around her lovely  Lion. Also, the fans say that she looks like a lion.

Hwasa and her Lion / Twitter @RBW_LI0N

2. Her Pink Panties song

All the members of MAMAMOO love to play around. During her rookie days, Hwasa made a cover of the famous song "Blurred Lines" but using new unique lyrics. She wrote this hilarious cover.

3. She is a Mukbang Queen

Hwasa really enjoys delicious food. When she eats the dishes look even tastier, so she even has helped restaurants with the sales without intention.

Hwasa eating on Tv shows / Twitter @SolarsidoGlobal

4. She was 'too chubby' to be an Idol

When she was and trainee labels told her that she was really talented but not pretty enough and 'fat'. So she decided to create her own beauty standard.

Hwasa shared her story during the concert 4Season / Twitter @Beagle_studio

5. She has the widest vocal range of the group

All the members of MAMAMOO are amazing singers. However, Hwasa is the one who takes control of the lowest and highest notes.

 That's it! Welcome to the MOOMOO world!

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