Lee Jong Suk for 'Big Mouth' Lee Jong Suk for 'Big Mouth'

Fun facts about Lee Jong Suk you should know before watching 'Big Mouth'

Lee Jong Suk is coming back with the K-Drama "Big Mouth"! Before the premiere, you have to check these fun facts about the beloved actor.

The anticipated drama "Big Mouth" is almost here! This show will bring Lee Jung Suk back to the small screen. It follows the story of a lawyer who suddenly has to face a powerful corrupt group. His wife will be played by Yoona of Girls' Generation.

Tons of fanatics all over the world have high expectations. The plot is pretty interesting, the cast is awesome, and of course, Lee Jong Suk is the protagonist. It is his first K-Drama since 2017. We all missed him.

As you may know, he is one of the most popular actors of the Hallyu wave. He worked in super successful series such as "Doctor Stranger", "W" and "Pinocchio". He has great taste to choose his projects.

We are in front of a versatile actor. His characters are very different from each other. His acting skill is always on point. That's why we all are waiting for this new drama. Meanwhile, let's check some fun facts about him. You have to be ready for the premiere.

Fun facts about Lee Jong Suk to should know

1. He used to be a runway model

Lee Jong Suk worked for many years as a model. He participated in tons of fashion shows.

Lee Jong Suk worked as a model / Twitter @leejongsukfiles

2. He was a K-Pop trainee

The artist almost made his debut as a K-Pop Idol. He quit because he wanted an acting career.

Lee Jong Suk was a K-Pop trainee / Twitter @MyLeeJongSuk2

3. He is good at cooking

The actor has revealed that he took some cooking lessons. Would you like to try one of his dishes?

Lee Jung Suk at the kitchen / Twitter @shhburd

4. He is a skilful singer

Lee Jong Suk has a beautiful voice. In 2017 he released an OTS for the drama "While You Were Sleeping". This song is awesome!

5. His role in 'V.I.P'

The actor did a great job in the film "V.I.P". He play the role of a serial killer. This movie is shocking.

Now you are ready to enjoy his upcoming drama!

The chemistry between Yoona and Lee Jong Suk is awesome. Read more about it here.

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