Lee Dong Wook fun facts for you Lee Dong Wook fun facts for you

Fun facts about Lee Dong Wook, get to know more about this great actor

Do you want to know more about actor Lee Dong Wook? Here are some fun facts about him

We have seen Lee Dong Wook in a lot of K-Dramas and his talents are undeniable, learn more about him with these fun facts that we have for you.

Lee Dong Wook is an actor who was born on November 6, 1981 in Seoul, South Korea. He has been a part of many of our favorite Korean dramas including 'Touch Your Heart', 'Tale of the Nine Tailed', 'Strangers from Hell' and most recently 'Bad And Crazy'.

Dong Wook debuted in the world of K-Dramas in the distant 1999, his first series was 'School 2' and since then his career has been growing. He has also been part of the cinema and has acted in some movies like 'Heartbreak Library' or 'The Recipe' where he has shown more of his facets and talents.

So there is much to admire about Lee Dong Wook and his career as a drama actor, his professionalism and great skills are what have given him the worldwide popularity that he has today. He, well, he has not only captivated the Korean public, but also the whole world.

Do you want to know more about Lee Dong Wook? Here are some fun facts about this Korean actor for you to get to know him better.

6 fun facts about Lee Dong Wook, get to know everything about this amazing actor

1. How did Lee Dong Wook start his career?

Before working as an actor, Lee Dong Wook was a model, in 1999 he won a modeling contest and that's how he took everything from the spotlight and began to attract attention. After winning this contest, MBC called him to participate in a K-Drama.

Lee Dong Wook was a model before becoming an actor | Twitter: @toysinfoent

2. Lee Dong Wook's dream job before becoming an actor

Lee Dong Wook didn't always want to become an actor, before this he wanted to be a Korean language teacher because he was so good at spelling and grammar. He had very high scores and so he thought that he should dedicate himself to that. As a child he also thought of being a firefighter, a teacher and a hotelier.

Lee Dong Wook wanted to be a teacher | Twitter: @melody_747

3. Lee Dong Wook is a family man

Lee Dong Wook's family consists of his mother, father, and he has a younger sister. He has always supported his family since he started working. He paid for a house for his parents and also supported his sister with the money for his studies, he cares a lot about his loved ones.

Lee Dong Wook loves his family | Twitter: @LeeDongWook_PH

4. What is one of Lee Dong Wook's fantasies?

In 2020, Lee Dong Wook confessed that he had a fantasy of becoming a rock star, he said that he even envied those people who had a good singing voice. Although he is indeed a good singer, we hope that he will soon get guitarist, bassist and drummer from him to have his own rock band.

5. What was Lee Dong Wook like as a student?

During his time as a student, Lee Dong Wook used to be introverted and shy but also very popular. His fellow listeners told that there were girls from other schools who were going to visit him since they had a crush on him.

Lee Dong Wook | Twitter: @_KimJays

6. Who is Lee Dong Wook's best friend?

Gong Yoo is Lee Dong Wook's best friend, both actors have an incredible friendship and they shared film set when they worked on 'Goblin', two talented besties.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are best friends | Twitter: @GiftOfCabbage

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