Harry Style for 'Late Night Talking' Harry Style for 'Late Night Talking'

Fun facts about 'Late Night Talking' by Harry Styles, this is the story behind the music video

Harry's House is out of this world! The new single of the album is here! You should know these fun facts about "Late Night Talking".

Harry Styles is shaking the industry with his new album "Harry's House". The pre-release single "As It Was" topped the prestigious Billboard 100 chart for many weeks. No one can deny that it is one of the best songs of 2022.

Finally, his 3rd studio album came on May 20th. The anticipated project has been receiving tons of praise since its release. As usual, Styles didn't fail. This time he offers a unique sound that mixes pop, rock, R&B, and a few indie vibes.

We also need to talk about the art of the album. As you may know, the Brit singer has a big interest in fashion. So his music joined forces with the most creative visual language to improve the experience of Harry's House.

A new single has been revealed. No one is sursurprisedpirese to see that "Late Night Talking" has a flawless production and is wonderful. The story of this music video is pretty interesting as well. Here are some fun facts to understand the single.

'Late Night Talking' fun facts to understand Harry Styles' new single

1. The pijamas outfit

Harry Styles is a famous fashionista, therefore, even his pajamas are awesome. In this music video, he wears the same pijama all the time but the color changes. Can you notice the change?

Harry Styles for 'Late Night Talking' / Twitter @cqardigans

2. It was recorded in London

In February Styles was spotted filming something on the London Streets. The recording could not go unnoticed, the singer was around the city on a giant bed,

'Late Night Talking' recording / Twitter @runtherunwaymag

3. References to art

The bed is the protagonist of the music video. It might be a reference to a piece by the British artist Tracey Emin. It looks pretty similar, right?

4. It is a love song

The lyrics of this track talk about someone who is not feeling pretty good. Then Styles explains his desire to make happy that person. Such an addictive melody!

Harry Styles' post / Twitter @Harry_Styles

5. The confusing story

The video starts with Styles traveling through the sheets of his bed. Then he finds a bed with a lot of people, all of them are having a good time. Eventually, he is in heaven but he falls to earth again. There are too many theories about it. In your opinion, what is the message behind it?

What is your favorite part of this awesome single?

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