Get to know Kang Tae Oh better Get to know Kang Tae Oh better

Fun facts about Kang Tae Oh, get to know this Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor better

Everyone has fallen for Kang Tae Oh's charms and talents, here are some fun facts about him to get to know him better

We're sure you all are loving Lee Jun Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, so you can get to know the actor who embodies this amazing character better, here we have some fun facts about Kang Tae Oh.

Kang Tae Oh is an incredible Korean actor who was born on June 22, 1994, he is from Busan, South Korea and he had his debut in 2011. His first drama was 'The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 20', where he appeared in only one episode, but little by little his career has been growing and over time he has made many more dramas.

Tae Oh also has a couple of movies under his belt that have shown us more of his amazing acting talents, he has been just an amazing and great actor. We have recently seen him in the K-Drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' with Lee Jun Ho's character who has conquered the public.

Kang Tae Oh's on-camera skills are no joke, he really has a lot of talent and it has been noticed every time he appears in a new Korean drama or movie. He now has fans all over the world who really love and admire all of his work. His popularity has grown in recent months.

If you want to know more about Kang Tae Oh, here are some fun facts about this Korean actor, get to know him better with all the information we have for you.

7 fun facts about Kang Tae Oh you should know

1. Kang Tae Oh's hobbies

Kang Tae Oh has some hobbies, which are working out, watching movies and listening to some good music, that's pretty much what he does on his free time.

Kang Tae Oh has these hobbies | Twitter: @kdramasilove

2. Kang Tae Oh's agency

The agency with which Kang Tae Oh works is Man of Creation, he used to be an artist of Fantagio Entertainment but when his contract ended, he didn't renew it.

Kang Taeh Oh works with this agency | Twitter: @nyxelago

3. Kang Tae Oh in music videos

As you might know, there are a lot of Korean actors who appear in music videos as a part of their careers too, there are a couple in which Tae Oh has appeared.

  • Venus by Hello Venus
  • Heart Throbbing by Heart Throbbing


4. Kang Tae Oh's dream

Ever since elementary school Kang Tae Oh had a dream of becoming an actor, isn't that great? From a very young age he set himself this goal that he fulfills wonderfully today.

I have never thought about anything else since I decided to be an actor in elementary school

Kang Tae Oh always wanted to be an actor | Twitter: @anythingkworthy

5. Kang Tae Oh's nickname

A popular nickname that Kang Tae Oh has is 'Prince Of Vietnam', it came because of his role in the popular K-Drama 'Forever Young', a Vietnamese in which he embodied Lee Jun Su.

Kang Tae Oh in Forever Young | Twitter: @taeohfiles

6. Kang Tae Oh's military service

Right after 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', Kang Tae Oh is planning to start with his military service, this has made fans very sad and now they want him not to go.

Kang Tae Oh is ready for military service | Twitter: @taeohfiles

7. Kang Tae Oh's awards

Kang Tae Oh has won a couple of awards in his career, the first one was in 2017 as  Rising Star Award in the Asia Artist Award and the other one was in 2019 as Best New Actor for 'The Tale of Nokdu' in the 33rd KBS Drama Award.

Kang Tae Oh has won these awards | Twitter: @YOOKISM___

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