Learn more about Jin's Epiphany Learn more about Jin's Epiphany

Fun facts about Jin's Epiphany, get to know the secrets of this BTS member's song

'Epiphany' is one of the most beautiful songs and Jin gave it a special touch, do you want to know more about this track? We have some of its fun facts

Jin surprised ARMY with the release of 'Epiphany' a few years ago and now we have a track that has become a classic. Do you want to know more about this BTS song? Here we have some facts about it.

BTS is an amazing K-Pop group with members who are extremely talented and dedicated to music. One of the idols in this boy band is Kim Seokjin, who is the oldest member in this group. He has served as a vocalist and dancer for Bangtan, giving their songs and performance a special touch.

Besides working as a group, Bangtan Sonyeondan has also added some solo members' tracks to their albums. On some occasions, they have also released solo songs on mixtapes or digital singles, as well. And with Jin there is no exception.

For example, 'Epiphany', a song that we can now call Seokjin's classic, this track was released in 2018, it was featured on the album 'Love Yourself: Answer'. It quickly caught the attention of ARMYs as a solo song by Jin, and has now become a fan favorite.

Do you want to know more about Epiphany? Here we have some fun facts about this song by Jin so you know the secrets behind this beautiful track that we still can't get over.

6 Fun facts about Epiphany by Jin, learn more about this song and its secrets

1. Epiphany's message

Epiphany is a song about self-love, that seeks to help or give a little motivation to those people who might be going through depression. It is about accepting yourself without fear or pressure and forgetting about society or the desire to please others.

2. Epiphany's musical genre

Some classify 'Epiphany' as a soft rock song, or a ballad, it has this amazing piano, and acoustic guitar which goes really well with Jin's voice, then the guitar has a little more of protagonism.

3. Comeback trailer

Epiphany was also a comeback trailer for BTS, and it was released back in 2018, it was the first time that Jin was featured on the comeback trailer just by his own.

4. Epiphany

The word 'Epiphany' increased 575%  its searches when the trailer with Jin was released, what's the meaning of this word? It means 'a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being' according to Google, but it also has other meanings.

Epiphany meaning | Twitter: @jinniehany

5. Who wrote Epiphany?

Bang PD, Slow Rabbit and Adora have the credits as songwriters for Epiphany, as you might know, Bang PD has always worked on BTS' songs.

Epiphany's songwriters | Twitter: @KindheartedJin

6. 2018 KBS Song Festival

Jin performed 'Epiphany' at the 2018 KBS Song Festival in order to promote the song, it was a beautiful show and he played the piano too!

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