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Fun facts about IVE, know everything about this girl group and start staning them

IVE is an amazing K-Pop group, learn all about it and its idols with our fun facts

Do you want to know more about IVE? Here are some fun facts about this girl group that you should know to stan it.

At the end of 2021, Starship Entertainment debuted a great K-Pop girl group made up of 6 amazing girls to IVE, some of them were actually going through their second debut as they had previously been part of the idol group IZ*ONE. This new group quickly caught the attention of K-Pop fans.

Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo are the girls who are part of IVE and have impressed the world together with their combined talents. We are sure that everyone has loved some of their most relevant songs like 'Love Dive' and 'Eleven' which was the first song with which they conquered the public.

Nowadays, IVE has a lot of fans all over the world who have dedicated themselves to giving them all their love and support, in each comeback we have seen that this young girl group is just beginning. But he has really caught the attention of Korean Pop fans and built up a solid fanbase.

Do you want to know more about IVE? Here are some fun facts about this great K-Pop girl group and you can start stan it by showing all your love and support.

7 Fun facts about IVE you need to know to stan this girl group

1. Who's IVE's leader?

Yujin is the leader of IVE, even if this member isnot the oldest one in the girl group, she got something special and her experience with IZ*ONE also helped her to be more reliable.

Yujin is the leader | Twitter: @ivepics_

2. Are all the IVE members Korean?

No, IVE has 5 Korean members and one of them is Japanese, the girl who came from Japan is Rei and she has been working as a singer, dancer and rapper for the girl group.

Rei is from Japan | Twitter: @IVEmessages

3. What is the name of the IVE fandom?

DIVE is the name of IVE's fandom, they revealed their name on December 9 and since then, the girl group has been in contact with their followers. It means that fans will 'DIVE into IVE', woah!

DIVE are the fans of IVE | Twitter: @kpopelit

4. Who's IVE's maknae?

The maknae or youngest member of IVE is Leeseo since she was born on 2007, she's the youngest one in the girl group.

Leeseo is the maknae | Twitter: @IVE_twt

5. IVE's debut date

IVE debuted on December 1, 2021 with 'Eleven', their agency Starship Entertainment launched them on that day.

6. How many wins did IVE achieve in their debut?

With 'Eleven', IVE achieved a total of 13 wins, the girl group almost managed to win on all Korean music shows, only M! Countdown got away from them, but on their next comeback they managed to win him over.

7. Who of the IVE members is an MC?

Wooyoung is the IVE member who works also as an MC, she hosts Music Bank with ENHYPEN's Sunghoon.

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