Fun facts about ITZY's Yeji to love the young leader even more

Yeji, the leader of ITZY is an all-rounded Idol. These fun facts about her will make you join her fandom.

JYP Entertainment is one of the biggest labels in the K-Pop game. Some of the most iconic girl groups ever were created by this agency. No one can forget the legendaries Miss A, Wonder Girls and of course TWICE.

Its youngest group came to the scene with some of the most talented Idols of the current generation. Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna and Yeji's dancing skills are unbelievable. The group debuted in 2019 to conquer the world.

The leader is Yeji, she got this position for being the oldest, one of the main dancers, and a lead vocalist. She can basically do everything! The Idol is just 22 years old, but she controls the stage like a senior artist.

Would you like to know her more? No matter if it is because of her endless talent or her adorable personality, you will fall in love with her after reading this article. Let's see some fun facts about Yeji.

Fun facts about ITZY's Yeji to know her better

1. Her 'River' cover

As just we say, Yeji is a wonderful dancer. This cover became viral in 2021. Her stage presence is out of this world!

2. She has a beutiful smile

She has one of the pretties eye smiles in the industry. Just look at her, she is so beautiful!

Yeji smiling / Twitter @prettyejii

3. She was popular even before her debut

In 2018 she participated in the survival show "The Fan". Yeji didn't win but she got a lot of popularity with this performance.

4. She loves STRAY KIDS music

Yeji has talked about how much she admires the work of her colleagues. For sure she can dance the complicated choreographies as well.

Yeji for 'CHECKMATE' / Twitter @2Hwang__

5. Her talent to jump robe

She has a unique talent. Yes, jumping rope like nobody else. Judge by yourself.

She is amazing!

ITZY has great fashion taste.  Take this quiz to find out a music video to inspire your party outfit.

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