Hwang In Yeop's fun facts Hwang In Yeop's fun facts

Fun facts about Hwang In Yeop, get to know this amazing actor better

Do you already know everything about Hwang In Yeop? Here we tell you some secrets of the actor with these fun facts about him

Hwang In Yeop is an excellent actor that we are seeing in new dramas, learn more about him with these facts that will give you more information about his life.

Hwang In Yeop works as a model and actor in South Korea, he was born on January 19, 1991. We have seen him in dramas like 'True Beauty', '18 Again' and 'The Tale Of Nokdu', in some of these with small roles and in others as secondary roles. But he has also already had leading roles like in 'Sound Of Magic'.

In Yeop's talent in front of the cameras is undeniable, although at first he was typecast in roles as a 'cold boy', he soon discovered that his talent goes further and he can embody more types of characters, not always the same. Little by little his career in K-Dramas continues to rise and millions of fans support him in each new project.

Today, Hwang In Yeop is a well-known actor all over the world, with fans from all over the world and some pretty strong fanbases both in Korea and abroad. Each follower shows affection for him in a different way and if you are interested in this actor, then you may want to know more about him.

Well, here are some fun facts about Hwang In Yeop to learn more about this amazing actor. You can admire more of his talents and know a little about his life.

6 facts to know more about actor Hwang In Yeop

1. Hwang In Yeop was a model before becoming an actor

Hwang In Yeop studied for fashion and debuted as a model before turning to acting. Despite having studied something different, he dreamed of being an actor and there were those who did not support him in this goal due to his introverted personality. But in fact, the catwalks gave him the confidence to become an actor.

Hwang In Yeop was a model before becoming an actor | Twitter: @Murizza_hiyily

2. Hwang In Yeop has already completed his military service

In Yeop made the wise decision to do his mandatory military service after finishing his college degree, so there will be no hiatus from his acting career, yaay! Because he has already fulfilled his obligation as a South Korean citizen.

Hwang In Yeop has completed his military service | Twitter: @INYOUPVOTES

3. What is the name of Hwang In Yeop's fandom?

Hwang In Yeop's fandom is called HIYLY, this name combines the actor's initials and the word 'Family', because for him, his fans are like his family, awww! He is the sweetest actor ever <3.

Hwang In Yeop's fandom | Twitter: @KdramaRoom

4. Hwang In Yeop's hidden skills

Hwang In Yeop is an amazing athlete, did you already know that? Before even dedicating himself to fashion, he practiced speed skating. Although he didn't make it to the professional level, he is very good on the ice rink.

Hwang In Yeop is good at skating on ice | Twitter: @hiycutie_inyoup

5. What was Hwang In Yeop's first drama?

Hwang In Yeop debuted in the webdrama 'WHY?' in 2018, that was the actor's first drama where he showed his great talent in front of the cameras for the first time.

Hwang In Yeop first drama | Twitter: @jehoonies

6. Hwang In Yeop is a Pokemon fan

Do you like Pokemon? Well, Hwang In Yeop loves these animated characters from video games, anime, movies, and more. His favorite character is Charmander, although he also likes Pikachu and once used Ditto as his profile picture. LOL.

Hwang In Yeop loves Pokemon | Twitter: @MYkshop98

Now you know a little more about Hwang In Yeop, enjoy this actor in every new project, and keep admiring his great work.

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