Harry Styles' fun facts Harry Styles' fun facts

Fun facts about Harry Styles that every fan of this singer should know

Learn more about Harry Styles with these fun facts we have for you

If you are a fan of Harry Styles then you must already know everything about him, but here are some fun facts that everyone should know about this amazing singer.

Harry Edward Styles is a well-known and popular singer around the world. He was born on February 1, 1994 in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK. He debuted as part of the boy band called One Direction that was a worldwide phenomenon. But sadly, this group is on indefinite hiatus.

But this did not mean that Harry Styles actually stopped making music and, on the contrary, his solo career has been fueled much more since the 1D hiatus. A lot of the boy band fans continue to support him and also new people have joined his fandom by going solo and showing all his talent individually.

Every Harry song has become a huge hit that we enjoy. Maybe you still can't get over 'Watermelon Sugar' and lately 'As It Was' has taken on a lot of popularity. His rhythm, style and personal stamp are fully reflected in his music, which is what most attracts the attention of fans.

There is no doubt that Harry Styles has a huge fandom all over the world and if you want to know more about this incredible Pop singer, here are some fun facts about him that might be of interest to you.

6 fun facts about Harry Style that everyone should know

1. Harry Styles first job

Before debuting with One Direction, Harry Styles was first a contestant on the reality show 'The X Factor' but even before being part of this show, in pre-debut, he worked in a bakery near his home and earned £6 an hour. Although perhaps he does not like to remember those times so much.

Harry Styles in The X Factor | Twitter: @clauloveslilo

2. Harry Styles' first band

Before joining One Direction, Harry Styles was in another band, so 1D was actually his second group. He was first a member of 'White Eskimo', a rock band that Harry himself led during his high school days, even winning the battle of the bands with it.

3. Harry Styles' phobia

Did you know that Harry Styles has a phobia? This singer is terrified of snakes, this irrational fear is called ophidiophobia.

Harry Styles with a lamb since he's scared of snakes | Twitter: @crabby_cats

4. Harry Styles most popular song

We can say that 'Sign Of The Times' is Harry Styles' most popular song, as it is the one with the most views on YouTube, although it should also be noted that this was the first song he released as a solo artist.

5. Harry Styles filmography

In addition to being a singer, Harry Styles is also a great actor and has participated in various films such as 'Dunkirk', 'The Eternals' and a couple more that are about to be released, 'My Policemen' and 'Don't Worry Darling'.

Harry Styles in Dunkirk | Twitter: @harrydailyposts

6. Harry Style's love status

Harry Styles is married? No, he is not actually married yet, although for now he is in a stable relationship with film director Olivia Wilde.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde | Twitter: @wildearchive

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