Han So Hee's fun facts Han So Hee's fun facts

Fun facts about Han So Hee to get to know this talented actress better

Han So Hee is an excellent rising Korean actress, learn more about her with these fun facts

We have seen Han So Hee's talent in some of our favorite K-Dramas, if you want to know more about this actress, here are some fun facts about her.

Han So Hee is an amazing Korean actress that we have seen in some of our favorite dramas. She was born in Ulsan, South Korea on November 18, 1994 and her career started in 2006 when she debuted in her first drama. Since then her career has expanded little by little.

So Hee has been a part of K-Dramas like 'My Name', 'Nevertheless' and most recently 'Soundtrack #1'. She is a great actress who has given her all in the various roles she has played. Thanks to the fact that her series have been seen all over the world by appearing on platforms such as Netflix and Disney +, the actress has become popular.

And there are more and more projects that we can see Han So Hee in, she works hard and her fans really support and admire everything that this amazing Korean celebrity does in her career. Since she has also worked as a model. So Hee really is an star on the rise.

Do you want to know more about Han So Hee? Here are some fun facts about this Korean actress that will help you get to know her better.

7 Fun facts about Han So Hee for you to know her better

1. Han So Hee's real name

Han So Hee is not this actress real name, it's a stage name. Her birth name is Lee So Hee, it's not pretty different to her original name.

Han So Hee is a stage name | Twitter: @theseoulstory

2. Han So Hee's first drama

The first drama in which Han So Hee acted was 'Spring Waltz' back in 2006, when she was younger and she didn't have a big role on it but it was her debut. It took her 9 years more to have a more proper character on a K-Drama.

Han So Hee's first drama | Twitter: @soheepcs

3. Han So Hee in MVs

Before becoming an actress, Han So Hee appeared in some MVs of our favorite K-Pop groups and soloists too! One of them is 'Tell Me What To Do' by SHINee.

4. Han So Hee before becoming an actress

Han So Hee used to be a model before becoming an actress, she had some photshoots and as an advertising model too, then she got interested in acting.

Han So Hee was first a model and then an actress | Twitter: @actressooyaaa

5. Han So Hee's ideal type

Sometimes there are some rumors about Han So Hee dating someone, but nothing has been confirmed. She also is shipped with his co-star in 'Nevertheless' Song Kang since fans loved their chemistry. But what's So Hee's ideal type? She said she likes someone with a beautiful smile.

Han Soo Hee and the type of guy she likes | Twitter: @soheejpeg

6. Han So Hee's personality

It seems like Han So Hee is someone dedicated and professional for her work, she's also serious and smart. But the thing is that she has also a very friendly personality, she's sociable and loves to make new friends.

Han So Hee is someone friendly | Twitter: @soheejpeg

7. Han So Hee's tattoos

Han So Hee used to have tattoos, she had a lot of them but then she decided to cover them up when she took acting more seriously and wanted to look more professional, of course.

Han So Hee with tattoos | Twitter: @akmalmfao

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