Gong Yoo's fun facts for you Gong Yoo's fun facts for you

Fun facts about Gong Yoo, get to know some secrets of this actor

Gong Yoo is a great Korean actor, here are some facts about him to get to know him better

In a lot of K-Dramas and movies we have been able to see Gong Yoo, do you want to know more about this actor? Here are some fun facts about him.

Gong Yoo is a great Korean actor who was born in Busan on July 10, 1979. He majored in Film and Theater at Kyung Hee University to become an actor. So he definitely studied to pursue his dream and show all his talent in front of the cameras.

In 2001, Gong Yoo made his K-Drama debut and it was in 2003 that he acted in his first movie. Since then, his career in acting has been growing with more characters, projects and others that have allowed us to see more of his abilities. He truly has great talents that have made him stand out in the world of entertainment.

With the popularization of Korean dramas, Gong Yoo has gained a lot of fans around the world who have shown him all their love and support over the past few years. So now we know that this Korean actor has a huge fandom that likes to know more about him.

And if you too want to get to know Gong Yoo better, then here are some fun facts about him to let you in on his secrets. You can learn a little more about this amazing K-Drama actor.

7 Fun facts about Gong Yoo that will let you get to know this Korean actor better

1. Gong Yoo's real name

Actually, Gong Yoo is just a stage name, this actor's real name is Gong Ji Chul. He changed it for his career but still signs with his birth name when he makes donations and other charities.

This is the real name of Gong Yoo | Twitter: @gyoopics

2. Gong Yoo's pets

Did you know that Gong Yoo is quite a cat lover? He really likes cats and has had some of them as pets, he has said that he considers them as part of his family, he takes care of them and gives them a lot of love <3. He is the best Cat Dad.

Gong Yoo and his cats | Twitter: @gyoopics

3. Gong Yoo's favorite sports

Gong Yoo really likes sports, he mainly enjoys two of his favorites: baseball and basketball. He loves the NBA and has even traveled to watch its live games.

Gong Yoo loves sports | Twitter: @YOO_I_

4. Gong Yoo's best friend

Gong Yoo has a best friend who is also an actor, Lee Dong Wook. They are a cool duo and both acted together in the classic K-Drama 'Goblin'. They have the coolest friendship.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook | Twitter: @ldwpic

5. Gong Yoo's hobbies

Among the hobbies that Gong Yoo has we can find sports, as mentioned above he is a big fan of a couple of them. But he also really likes to exercise, in fact he exercises daily. Another of his hobbies is collecting sneakers, mainly, although sometimes he doesn't want to spend so much on shoes anymore, LOL.

Gong Yoo likes to work out | Twitter: @GongYoo_PH

6. Gong Yoo's military service

From 2008 to 2009, Gong Yoo had to temporarily disappear and put his career on hiatus to fulfill his mandatory military service. Fans waited for him during this time as he joined the military to fulfill his obligation as a South Korean citizen.

Gong Yoo has already done his military service | Twitter: @ggyoo_rkive

7. Gong Yoo's ideal type

What is Gong Yoo's ideal type like? He has said that he likes independent women, someone he feels comfortable with. A girl who doesn't have changeable emotions, he also likes shy women but who aren't innocent either. Someone stable and determined to make him good company.

Gong Yoo wants an independent woman | Twitter: @GiftOfCabbage

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