JB's fun facts JB's fun facts

Fun facts about GOT7's Jay B, learn more about this amazing artist

Jay B is the leader of GOT7, do you want to know more about him? Here are some fun facts for you to know him better

Jay B is a great artist from GOT7, i you want to know everything about him then here we have some fun facts about him.

Lim Jaebeom is one of the members of GOT7, he has performed as a singer and dancer since his debut with this idol group in 2014. He is better known as Jay B and has not only limited his talents on stage, he also writes and produces. songs, showing more of his musical abilities.

Jay B was born on January 6, 1994 in Gyeonggi, South Korea. He was recruited by JYP Entertainment in 2009 and has since started his period as a trainee in order to debut. He became the leader of GOT7 and worked together with his idol group ever since. Until 2021 when they all decided to leave JYP but continue as a group.

Jaebeom has also presented his talents as a solo artist since he also made his solo debut and in fact during 2021 he concentrated a little more on his individual career, until this 2022 that GOT7 has returned with more activities. There is much we can admire about this K-Pop artist.

Do you want to know more about JB? Here we have some fun facts about the GOT7 member so you know everything about him, we have a lot of information for you.

7 Fun facts about GOT7's Jay B all of his fans should know

1. Jay B before JYP

Before being recruited by JYP Entertainment, Jay B used to be a B-Boy, he was in a break-dance group and in fact in the bathroom of one of the competitions in which he participated, he was approached by a JYP employee to recruit him.

Jay B in predebut | Twitter: @bbamskrrt

2. Actor Jay B

Jay B is not only an amazing singer, writer, producer and dancer, he is also an actor. He debuted in 'Dream High 2' and since then he has appeared in a couple more projects where we have enjoyed his talent in front of the cameras.

JAY B is an actor too | Twitter: @skymoots

3. Jay B's pets

Jay B loves cats and he actually has 5 cats as pets, they're Nora, Kunta, Odd, Ver, and Cake, isnt' he lovely?

Jay B loves cats | Twitter: @_isabeomarsss

4. Jay B stage names

Lim Jaebeom has a lot of stage names, one of them is Jay B, maybe the most popular one, but he has also used JB, Defsoul and Def.

Jay B's other names | Twitter: @KHHFASHION

5. Jay B's hobbies

Jaebeom has a lot of hobbies, he likes to watch movies, take pictures, travel, eat outside and collect shoes in his free time.

Jay B and his hobbies | Twitter: @imjaebooms

6. MC Jay B

Jay B has also been an MC on several occasions, his charisma is great and so M! Countdown and Inkigayo invited him to host some of his shows.

Jay B and Yugyeom as Inkigayo MCs | Twitter: @hilggeums

7. Jay B's girlfriend

In 2022, it was confirmed that Jay B has been in a relationship with the YouTuber PURE.D, she's his girlfriend.

Jay B's girlfriend | Twitter: @jae_yunnieee

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