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Fun facts about EXO's D.O that will make you love him even more

Is impossible not to love EXO's D.O! Don't you believe us? These fun facts about him will change your mind.

Did you know that D.O is considered one of the best Idol-actors ever? The super talented member of EXO started his career in the music industry. He debuted with the song "What is Love?", a wonderful duet with Baekhyun.

Immediately, he couth the attention of the public thank to his powerful voice. We are in front of one of the best K-Pop singers ever. It was just the beginning of a successful career, he was getting ready to show that he has a lot to offer.

in 2014 he started his acting career with a minor character in the movie "Cart". Almost at the same time, he debuted on the small screen with an important role in the K-Drama "It's Okay, That's Love". His performance was brilliant, he got great reviews from the critics.

He has participated in tons of films and series, by the way, all of them are awesome. That's not all, in 2021 he released his first solo album "Empathy", it's a masterpiece. D.O is unstoppable! Would you like to know more about him?

Fun facts about D.O to love him more

1. He is good at cooking

According to the member, D.O is the best chef in the group. Would you like to try one of his dishes?

D.O cooking / Twitter @doexoindonesia

2. Kai was scared of D.O

Since D.O has bad poor eyesight, the way he looks makes him look upset. That's why Kai used to be scared of him. Nowadays, they are like brothers.

Kai and D.O / Twitter @EXOSTARS_L

3. His single 'That's okay'

In 2019 D.O dropped this special single. It talks about self-love and the melody is beautiful. The best song to encourage EXO-L.

4. He is an award-winning actor

As just we said, he is a super talented actor. He won tons of awards thanks to his job in films and dramas. In 2017 he got the Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards trophy for his role in the movie "My Annoying Brother".

D.O at the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2017 / Twitter @KyungsooBR

5. His awesome covers

D.O's vocals are out of this world! He sounds perfect just with a guitar. Let's recall this flawless "Billionaire" cover with Chanyeol.

We told you, is impossible not to fall for him.

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