Doja Cat's fun facts Doja Cat's fun facts

Fun facts about Doja Cat to know everything about this amazing singer

Doja Cat is a great rapper that we all admire, do you want to know more about her? Here are some fun facts about this star

Doja Cat has conquered us with her songs and all of them contain all the talent of this singer, discover more about her with these fun facts.

Doja Cat is one of the most relevant singers of the moment, her music has taken the entire industry and this rapper is now extremely popular all over the world. Surely there is no country where we do not find at least one Doja fan. Her fame is worldwide.

The best thing is that Doja has managed to connect with the public thanks to the fact that she is the one who works on her songs from the creation, pre-production and even production of each track. We can say that she really delivers her soul in her music, something that gives her a more unique and original stamp.

With songs like 'Kiss Me More', 'Say So' or 'Juicy' she has taken the senses of a large part of the public who either as fans or casual listeners support the work that Doja Cat does in her music. But we have many other things to admire about this complete and talented artist.

So here we have some fun facts about Doja Cat, learn a little more about her and her path through music with this information.

7 Fun facts about Doja Cat, learn more about her history and musical career

1. What is the name of the Doja Cat fandom?

Doja Cat's fandom name is Kitten or Kittens, since she's THE cat, her followers must be her babies, lol, that's how they're called. Are you a Kitten? They all show their love and support for this star.

A Kitten and Doja Cat | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

2. What is Doja Cat's most popular song?

We know that 'Say So' is Doja's most popular song, it went viral on TikTok and became one of the favorite ones of the public. Its MV has a lot of views too, more than 396 million.

3. Does Doja Cat have siblings?

Doja Cat has an older brother, his name is Raman Dlamini and fans of the singer have seen some photos of them together as children. It's known that she likes rap because of her brother too.

Doja Cat and her brother | Twitter: @seasonmaraj

4. How did Doja Cat write the songs for Planet Her?

Planet Her is the album that Doja Cat released in 2021, and she wrote half of it on 2019 while she was on a trip for Hawaii. The other half was written during the pandemic and she was in quarantine back then. This CD is full of gems.

5. Did you know about Doja Cat's visit to this animal shelter?

At the beginning of her career, Doja Cat went to an animal shelter, this was in 2014. She spent time with some homeless pets and it was a very sweet visit.

Doja Cat at an animal shelter | Twitter: @dojasgallery

6. Did you know this about Doja's gown at the 2022 Grammys?

For the 2022 Grammys, Doja Cat wore a custom Versace gown that took the Versace team 475 hours to create, but it was well worth it as the rapper looked spectacular in this stunning outfit.

Doja Cat at the 2022 Grammy Awards | Twitter: @purrr_itsdojaaa

7. What brands has Doja Cat collaborated with?

Doja Cat has worked with some brands like Taco Bell and Pepsi. She also collaborated with BH Cosmetics and she has her own products line with this makeup company.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, here we tell you more about her 'Mooo!' which we love so much. 

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