Fun facts about BTS' RM mixtape 'mono', you'll love the meaning behind his music

BTS' RM is will be dropping new music this year! You need to know these fun facts about his previous mixtape mono.

A few days ago RM made ARMY crazy when he revealed that he will be the next BTS member to drop a solo album. The handsome leader revealed that his upcoming project is almost ready. We can't wait to listen to his new music!

According to the rapper, this album is will be very different from his previous mixtape 'mono'. Namjoon's music is pretty personal, so he said mono reflects his version of 2016 to 2018. So, you can know him better through his songs.

While we are waiting for his solo album. let's recall the best of his second mixtape. 'mono' was released in 2018. RM worked with some talented artists, such as the producer Honne, the indie band Nell and the singer eAeon.

However, this project feels pretty intimate. The rapper showed his most vulnerable side through his lyrics. No one can deny that we are talking about a masterpiece. Let's check some fun facts about this interesting mixtape.

Fun facts about 'mono' by RM you should know before his new album is released

1. The gorgeous animated videos

All the singles of this mixtape were released with an animated music video or just a lyric video. One of the best "forever rain", is the visual interpretation of RM's deep words.

2. His collabs with eAeon

Namjoon and eAeon worked together for the first time in the song "badbye". In 2021 the duet dropped the beautiful breakup song "Don't". Their collabs are the best!

3. Is one of te best K-Pop albums of 2018

The Billboard critics considered mono one of the best K-Pop albums in 2018. We all agree with the critics.

RM talking about his upcoming music / Twitter @jeonpixi

4. RM didn't promoted the album

When the mixtape was released, BTS was in the middle of its "Love Yourself World Tour". That RM didn't have any promotional activities. For sure, everything will be different with his upcoming album.

RM during the 'Love Yourself World Tour ' / Twitter @BTSARMYcasa

5. The purpose of the mixtape

The leader said that he wanted to comfort the fans with his music. His honest lyrics will make you feel like you are having a sweet talk with RM.

What is your favorite track of this beautiful mixtape?

Jimin and RM are showing their love for K-Dramas. This is what they did.

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