Fun facts about Jimin Fun facts about Jimin

Fun facts about BTS' Jimin, learn much more about this talented idol

Jimin is one of the members of BTS whom all ARMY loves infinitely, get to know more about him with these fun facts

Jimin has brought great happiness to BTS fans along with his other members in the idol group, do you want to know more about this artist? Here we have some fun facts about him for you.

Park Jimin is one of the BTS members who has worked hard with the idol group since their debut. This artist was born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, South Korea and has been performing as a vocalist and dancer for his K-Pop group for over 7 years now.

There are a lot of things we can admire about Jimin, this Bangtan Sonyeondan member really is passionate about dancing. Mainly, in each choreography and performance of this boy band we have seen him shine infinitely thanks to his skills on stage.

In addition, Jimin has also managed to conquer the hearts of his fans with his beautiful personality, someone calm and cute who always thinks of the best for his members and ARMY, the faithful fandom that has supported the Bangtan Boys since their debut and has grown exponentially.

Do you want to know more about Jimin? Here we have some fun facts about this BTS idol so you know some of his secrets that you may not have known before.

7 Fun facts about Jimin from BTS, here we have some secrets of this idol

1. Jimin's stage names

Jimin doesn't have a stage name, but before debuting he tought about a couple of them Baby J or Young Kid were his options but at the end he gave up and decided to go with his real name instead.

Jimin almost got a stage name | Twitter: @DIDILoveSeven

2. Jimin's childhood dream job

When Jimin was like 12 years old, he loved kendo which is a Japanese martial art considered the heir to classical Japanese fencing, at that time he told his mother that he would be the most powerful swordsman in the world.

Jimin still has a special love for kendo | Twitter: @pjmngallery

3. Jimin's charms

Jimin thinks that his charms are his eyes, he loves them and always tried to give them a special touch with eyeliner even before debut. He also loves his abs, at the very beginning he didn't like them to be shown but everybody loved them so he shows them very often.

Jimin's charms conquered ARMY | Twitter: @joonsweeties

4. Jimin and his life as a student

Did you know that Jimin was class president during 9 long years? OMG, he was neat when it was about school, he was always a good student. When he moved to Seoul and had to study with Taehyung, Jimin helped V a lot.

Jimin when he was a student | Twitter: @teenyjimi

5. Jimin's love language

Jimin is very touchy, he's super affectionate and loves to hug, be hugged and tends to show his love in this way, that's his love language. He won't like it when he's alone, and he also likes it when someone else takes care of him.

Jimin loves hugs | Twitter: @winnttaebear

6. Jimin is good at flirting

Well, we can say that Jimin is the flirtiest member in BTS, it seems pretty natural to him. He's good at flirting with fans, his fellow members and even with people who he just met, he's such a tease.

Flirty Jimin | Twitter: @MissWittyJimin

7. Jimin's fame

Jimin is famous for his dancing skills, of course, he has inspired a lot of other idols who are younger than him. He' has also the most famous fancam in K-Pop industry. He's a golden dancer.

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