Some facts about aespa Some facts about aespa

Fun facts about Aespa that will let you know more about this amazing girl group

Aespa is a great K-Pop group, learn more about their idols with these fun facts

Get to know some of the secrets of Aespa with these fun facts that we bring for you, you can begin to stan this group and enjoy more of the talents of its members.

Aespa is one of the leading girl groups in K-Pop, with their songs they have managed to dominate the industry and gain a lot of fans. Nowadays, they are one of the groups with the most fans in the world and their career continues to expand thanks to the great talents of their members.

Karina, Winter, NingNing and Giselle make up Aespa and they have worked hard since their debut to present the best of themselves to the public. And they have achieved it with how popular their songs like 'Next Level' or 'Savage' have become, which have made fans and even other idols dance as well.

There is no doubt that Aespa is an excellent K-Pop group, their idols are talented, charismatic and beautiful. In the future we can see much more of them through their music and presentations with which they have conquered the audience. They keep working to get more fans and keep growing their fandom and career.

If you want to know more about Aespa, then here we have some fun facts about the idol group so you can better understand its history and some of its secrets. If you don't stan these girls yet, now you'll have plenty of reasons to do so.

7 Fun facts about Aespa that you should know to stan the group

1. When did Aespa debut?

Aespa debuted in 2020, to be exact on November 17, 2020. With the single 'Black Mamba' they took over the music show stages in Korea and quickly became a song that many fans loved.

2. What does aespa mean?

The name of aespa mezca 'æ' which means 'Avatar x Experience', and the word 'aspect', together have the meaning of 'Avatar experiencing a new world'. A name perhaps more complex than expected but that creates something enigmatic around the idol group.

The meaning behind aespa | Twitter: @yjmctrl

3. What is the name of the aespa fandom?

The aespa fandom is named after 'MY', which means 'The most precious friend', the word is in the KWANGYA language which is native to the place where the avatars of the K-Pop group live.

Aespa's fandom | Twitter: @presenses

4. What is the agency with which aespa debuted?

SM Entertainment is the agency that debuted aespa, the idols of the group were trainees there and finally selected to be part of this band. In this agency we also find other idol groups such as EXO, Red Velvet or NCT.

SM Entertainment is asespa's agency | Twitter: @baemyooji

5. Who's aespa's leader?

As you may know, each K-Pop group has a leader, aespa too, and the girl with this role within this girl group is Karina. Being the oldest member in the girl group, she is the one who leads the other idols.

Karina is the leader in Aespa | Twitter: @koohuskyhoe

6. Who is the maknae of aespa?

On the other hand, aespa's youngest idol, that is, their maknae, is NingNing. Her real name is Ning Yizhuo, she is from China and was born on October 23, 2002.

NingNing is the youngest member in aespa | Twitter: @aespa_official

7. What is the official color of aespa?

Aespa as such does not have official colors, but MY does, the fandom has 'aurora' as official colors which are blue and purple.

Aurora are aespa's MY colors | Twitter: @angelic___9

Keep reading more about your favorite idols and groups, here we have some songs that will make you feel better about the future. 

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