Sanha from ASTRO Sanha from ASTRO

Fun facts about ASTRO's Sanha to know the handsome maknae better

Sanha is a super talented artit. Do you want to know more about ASTRO's maknae? We have some interesting facts about the Idol.

ASTRO came to the scenarios in 2017. The six talented Idols caught the attention of the public because of their lovely concept. The group debuted with the playful single "Hide & Seek". Among all of them, Sanha used to be the cutest member.

The youngest of the group was just 16 years old when they started their journey in music. AROHA was there while the good-looking singer was growing up. Now he is 22 years old, he is not a baby anymore.

Since his debut, Sanha has worked on too many projects. Just like the rest of the group, he acted in the K-Drama "To Be Continued". He participated as host of various shows such as "Show Champion".

We cannot without talking about his talent as a songwriter. He worked on the lyric of some tracks for the group including "Merry Go Round" and "You and Me". Do you want to know a little bit more about the Idol? You'll fall for him right now.

Fact about ASTRO's Sanha to fall in love with the Idol

1. He is a giant maknae

Sanha is the youngest of the group, however, he is the tallest member. The Idol is 1.85 m. Anyways, he is adorable!

Jin Jin with Sanha / Twitter @jinjin_sweetie

2. He is a cat person

He is the owner of an adorable cat named Kkiyong. The Idols is constantly posting videos of his cute furry friend.

Sanha and his cat / Twitter @enthinkstro

3. His duet with Moonbin

Moonbin and Sanha debut in 2020 as a sub-unit. These two Idols working together are explosive!

4. He plays the guitar pretty well

The Idol is always with his guitar. He's super talented, he can basically do everything!

Sanha playing the guitar / Twitter @onlyddna

5. His covers are the best

Sanha has a sweet voice that is perfect for ballads. That's why his covers are so warm. He is going to melt down your heart.

Let's us know,  are you falling for Sanha? 

His teammate Moonbin has a beautiful eye smile. Here are some other Idols with this unique feature.

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