Fun facts about AKMU that will make you join the fandom of these siblings

The unique duet AKMU will conquer your heart with its music! You have to know these fun facts about the talented siblings.

On 2012 the Korean public fell in love with two siblings that participated in the show "K-Pop Star 2". Lee Chanhyuk and Suhyun shocked everyone with their undeniable talent. A music genius and a wonderful vocalists were the winners of this competition.

Later, they signed a contract with YG Entertainment. AKMU debuted officially in 2014 with the album "Play". All their music was written and produced by Chanhyuk. Despite being pretty young, he showed his unbelievable skills as a musician

As was expected, their debut album was a whole success. They got international popularity thanks to the project. Suhyun's voice is considered one of the best ones in the industry. In 2015 she worked with Lee Hi in the collaboration "I'm Different".

Since their rookie days, these talented siblings have been dropping nothing but hits. All their single conquer the Korean charts. It makes sense, their music is awesome! You'll be joining their fandom after reading this article.

Fun facts about AKMU you have to know

1. Chanhyuk wrote a song for the Korean Marines

In 2017 Chanhyuk got enlisted in the mandatory service. During his period, the Korean marines revealed that the song written by the singer "Marine Triumph" was chosen to represent the Corps.

Chanhyuk finishing the mandatory service / Twitter @kpopers_family

2. Chanhyuk supporting Suhyun's solo debut

Before getting enlisted, Chanhyuk asked YG Entertainment to release Suhyun's solo debut. Also, he wrote the lyrics for "Alien". Such a masterpiece!

3. They have a book

In 2019 was published "Fish Meets Water", which is a novel written by Chanhyuk. It's related to the album "Sailing".

'Fish Meets Water' cover / Twitter @akmuPH

4. They are Perfect All-Kill artits

The siblings have topped all the Korean charts many times with their singles. In 2019 they got another Perfect All-Kill with the beautiful song "How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love".

5. Suhyun is an actress as well

In 2017 Suhyun made her acting debut ins the Netflix series "Part-Time Idol". By the way, she is a super skillful actress!

'Part-Time Idol' poster / Twitter @replicant_pris

Do you want to listen to more of AKMU? Here are the most beautiful lyrics of the duet.

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