A Star Is Born's fun facts A Star Is Born's fun facts

Fun facts about A Star Is Born, the Lady Gaga movie that everyone loved

Do you love 'A Star Is Born'? This was a great movie starring Lady Gaga, here we have some fun facts about this film

'A Star Is Born' was a cultural reset for many, do you want to know more about this movie? So here are these fun facts about it.

Lady Gaga is not only a talented singer and songwriter, she has also worked as an actress. At first we saw her in different movies with cameos here and there, but later we also got to see her as the lead in two amazing films that showed us her talents.

'A Star Is Born' was the movie that Gaga actually starred in, this was released in 2018. In addition to the singer, Bradley Cooper was also a co-star in this story. The music was not lacking for this film and in fact her songs became extremely popular, the world not only loved the story, but also the soundtrack.

So, 'A Star Is Born' is now an iconic and timeless film, fans of this film will not stop watching it and enjoying each of its scenes, the story, the characters. Lady Gaga did an excellent job as Ally alongside Jackson Maine who was played by Bradley Cooper.

Do you want to know more about 'A Star Is Born'? Here we have some fun facts of this Lady Gaga movie that you should know, enjoy once again this great film.

6 Fun facts about A Star Is Born, everything you didn't know about Lady Gaga's movie

1. A Star Is Born is an adaptation

Did you know that A Star Is Born has been adapted three times? The original movie was released in 1937, and the 2018 version was the third one. This is such a classic film that everyone should enjoy.

A Star Is Born in its original version | Twitter: @cjubarrington

2. A Star Is Born's awards

A Star Is Born got around 29 awards, from Grammys, Oscars, Satellite Awards and more, they had multiple nominations too, around 98.

Lady Gaga won for A Star Is Born | Twitter: @TheAcademy

3. A Star is Born in Coachella

Some of the scenes of A Star Is Born were filmed at the Coachella Festival in 2017, Lady Gaga was headlining the festival and fans could pay ten dollars to see the scenes being filmed, but they couldn't film in orther to prevent spoilers and leaks.

A Star Is Born was filmed in Coachella 2017 | Twitter: @MonstersJapan

4. Bradley Cooper and the guitar

Bradley Cooper had to learn how to play guitar for his role, Lukas Nelson taught him. They both worked in Cooper's basement almost every night for a year so he could learn how to perform.

Bradley Cooper had to learn how to play guitar | Twitter: @EW

5. Drag queens in A Star Is Born

Two well-known drag queens appeared in A Star Is Born, Shangela and William were the ones in the film. But, almost all of their scenes were unscripted and improvised. They had little dialogue but seeing that their candid jokes added so much to the movie, they decided to extend the time for them.

Shangela with Bradley and Gaga | Twitter: @ianmichaelstone

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