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Fun Facts about Park Hyung Sik you should know before watching 'In the Soop: Friendcation'

Are you waiting for "In the Soop: Friendcation" to premiere? Before watching the reality you need to know these fun facts about Park Hyung Sik.

The new season of "In The Soop" is coming. This time the relaxing show will be starring the hottest Korean celebrities. Yes, we are talking about the Wooga Squad. This celebrity friends group will let us see more of the adorable chemistry.

One of the most famous members is the actor Park Hyung Sik. He has millions of fantastic all over the world. His K-Dramas are pretty interesting. "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon", "Suits", "Soundtrack", and many more. His shows are the best.

He is really famous thanks to his successful acting career. However, he initially debuted as a singer. He joined the K-Pop group ZE:A in 2010. Even if there is no more music by these artists, the group hasn't been officially disbanded yet.

Eventually, the handsome Idol got focused on his career as an actor. We all love to watch him on the screen. Before the anticipated reality show is here, let's know the artist better. Here are some fun facts about Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyung Sik's fun facts you have to know

1. He is skillful singer

As just we said he was an Idol. He has a beautiful deep and warm voice. His style is pretty elegant.

2. His Aegyo

All his colleagues have talked about his adorable natural charisma. People who worked with him that he has great positive energy.

Park Hyung Sik for 'Strong Girl Bong Soon' / Twitter @andiebii

3. The Wooga Squad

The actor became close friends with the Wooga Squad after the filming of the K-Drama 'Hwarang'. 

'Hwarang' cast / Twitter @vminiecats

4. He is a true chaebol

He is actually the son of a rich family. His dad is a director of BMW Korea. We thought the handsome chaebol didn't exist in the real world.

Park Hyung Sik for 'Suits' / Twitter @_seokjinmiamor

5. He is a musical theater actor

Since his rookies days, we worked in theater. This gentleman can do everything!

Musical 'Elisabeth' poster / Twitter @woogasquadPH

He is so talented!

Do You want to know more about "In the Soop: Friendcation"? Here is all the information. 

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