HyunA for 'Nabillera' HyunA for 'Nabillera'

Fun Facts about HyunA's mini-album 'Nabillera', get to know her new music

HyunA is finally back with a new album! Here are some fun facts you have to know about "Nabillera".

Here comes a K-Pop Queen! Yes, we are talking about HyunA. The talented artist has been shaking the industry since 2007. As you might know, she originally was part of Wonder Girls but she left the group just a few months after its debut.

Later, HyunA went back to the road as a member of 4Minute, another iconic girl group. Immediately she conquered the public with her beauty, fierce charisma, shocking dancing skills, and wild raps.

In 2010 she dropped her first solo single "Change", and as was expected it was a whole success. Since then her career has been giving us tons of hits. We are in front of one of the most important K-Pop soloists.

After more than a year, the gorgeous Idol is making a comeback with the anticipated album "Nabillera". HyunA never fails, every single track is perfect. Here are some fun facts you need to know about this new project.

Fun facts about 'Nabillera', HyunA's new album

1. The music genres

All the songs have interesting experimental sounds. He can listen to a few tropical beats. Meanwhile, Bad Dog is a pop-rock track that creates a powerful contrast with HyunA singing in her high and sweet register.

2. The P Nation family is present

The title single, "Picasso & Fernande Olivier", and "Watch Me" were written by HyunA. PSY and DAWN are also involved in the production of some tracks.

'Nabillera' concept photo / Twitter @OfficialPnation

3. The unique outfits

HyunA has an interesting fashion taste. These looks recall her old singles such as "Lip & Hip" or "How's This".

HyunA for 'Nabillera' / Twitter @OfficialPnation

4. The Butterfly Symbol

This album talks about HyunA's freedom. She is flying in her own way. No one can break her wings.

'Nabillera' concept picture / Twitter @OfficialPnation

5. The Macarena dance

HyunA said that this single has many references to Latin music. Nabillera's choreography included the iconic Macarena dance. Let's dance with this addictive hit!

The comeback is awesome!

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