Fun Fact about STRAY KIDS' Lee Know to know the handsome Idol better

Do you want to know more about STRAY KIDS? Check these fun facts about Lee Know that will make you join the fandom.

K-Pop is dominating the global game! One of the groups that are on the front line of the Hallyu wave is STRAY KIDS. These self-produced Idols are conquering the most important music makest with their wild beats.

The group is well known for its powerful hits. However, we cannot forget its unbelievable performances. All the members are super charismatic on stage. Here we can find really skillful dancers. Lee Know stands out because of his dance moves.

The Idol is just 23 years old but he can drive crazy the biggest crowns. Even before his debut, he was rocking the stage as a backup dancer for the hottest Korean singers. That's he got cast for JYP Entertainment.

Since his real name (Lee Minho) is quite common in the industry, he took the stage name Lee Know. In 2018 he debut with the first single of the group. "District 9". Such an unforgettable hit! Do you want to know more about him? Here are some fun facts to love him even more.

Fun Facts about Lee Know of STRAY KIDS

1. His DAWN performance

The Idol is a wonderful dancer. In 2019 he dropped this powerful special performance. Are you ready to fall for his stage presence?

2. He loves to eat pudding

Lee Know is a soft pudding lover. Is pretty common to see him eating the delicious dessert. A few weeks ago he was all over the Internet with a cute viral video of him eating.

Lee Know on Vilive / Twitter @isaaminxx

3. His puple hair

Lee Know has used different hair colors. STAY went crazy when he dyed his hair purple. He looked alike a webtoon character.

Lee Know with purple hair / Twitter @chaerychn

4. Hia 'MANIC' fancam

STRAY KIDS' comeback with "MANIAC" was insane. Lee Know's fancam became viral. His dancing skills are out of this world!

5. He is an adorable kitty

The fandom says that he looks like a kitty. He is super cute! Do you think he is a human cat?

Lee Know of STRAY KIDS / Twitter @MlNHORIZON

That's it, now you're officially part of STAY.

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