Chinese dramas with friendships Chinese dramas with friendships

Friendship Chinese dramas that will fill your day with happiness and joy

Watch these C-Dramas with the best friends, you can watch them with your bestie and enjoy their beautiful relationship together

In a lot of Chinese dramas we will see great friendship stories with a lot of fun and happiness, here we recommend some.

China has great dramas for the world, the series created in this country have all the creativity of writers and directors as well as the great talents of the actors who embody their characters in the best way. These are the ones we follow and love a little more through the plot.

In C-Dramas there are no limits and we will find stories with different themes, romance, mystery, historical, thrillers and others that captivate every fan. There are a lot of options to watch in Chinese series, don't you think? You should give yourself the opportunity to see more of these productions.

But speaking of plots, we also find friendships in these Chinese dramas, stories of support between friends, who support each other and live great adventures full of happiness, fun or perhaps difficult moments where they show their true love for each other.

So here we share with you some of our favorite friendship C-Dramas, you can watch them all with your bestie and have a friendship like in these dramas.

6 friendship C-Dramas that will make you happy with their fun plots

1. When We Were Young

Year: 2018
Starring Neo Hou and Wan Peng

This drama will take us to 1996 and it's about a girl who has an accident during summer, when she goes back to school she gets to know the culprit of her accident but he's a new classmate who will fight to be accepted and have friends.

You'll like 'When We Were Young', so you better watch it.

2. Ode To Joy

Year: 2016
Starring Liu Tao and Jiang Xin

This one is about 5 women who are neighbors and have their own stories, personalities and more but little by little they will get close to each other and make a great friendship together.

Ode To Joy | Twitter: @Arziaisfrench

You can watch 'Ode To Joy' with its great story. 

3. Arsenal Military Academy

Year: 2019
Starring Bai Lu and Xu Kai

This drama is about a girl that must take the place of her brother in the military, in the army she will make a lot of friends, and help her with her skills... But, what will happen when they get to know that it's a girl and not a boy that 'friend'?

'Arsenal Military Academy' has an interesting story for you.

4. Love Yourself

Year: 2020
Starring Victoria Song and Karlina Zhang

In this series we will meet a group of 4 friends who are in their 30's, all of them have different problems and they will solve their love life, economic life and more with the support of their other friends who have been together for a long time.

Love Yourself | Twitter: @__Littlebloom__

Watch 'Love Yourself' which haas a good story. 

5. In A Class Of Her Own

Year: 2020
Starring Ju Jing Yi and Song Wei Long

This one is about a girl who must disguise as a guy in order to study and get a good job to help her family. In the school she gets to know some other boys who will become her friends.

'In A Class Of Her Own' is a great friendship drama for you.

6. The Love Equations

Year: 2020
Starring Gong Jun and Reyi Liu

This drama is about a group of college students, one of them is the favorite friend in the group, she's someone so cute and has a great friendship with the others. Then love will get into this equation and we'll see how it'll develop.

The Love Equations | Twitter: @imjsvlfrld_

You can watch 'The Love Equations' with a great story you'll love. 

Keep watching more dramas, here we have some J-Dramas available on YouTube, so you can watch them for free.

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