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How should you handle food delivery during covid19?

Delivery is the safest way to get food during quarantine. But how should you really do it? This video explains everything!

By  Estefania Martinez

1. Try to avoid contact with the delivery courier

Avoid contact with delivery courier

Ask for the package to be left at the door and retrieve it after the courier has gone.

2. If you have to sign or pay for the purchase

Health measures during the outbreak.

Always wear your face mask. After having paid switch shoes as you enter your house again and wash your hands.

3. Maintain proper distance and avoid small talk

Maintain distance with other people

Keep a safe 2 mt distance between yourself and the courier.

4. If your purchase comes in a box leave the box outside

Retrieve the content only

Take only the content and once you've entered your home proceed to disinfect the products.

5. Choose transfers over cash

Choose to pay through transfer and not with cash

Although it's not proven that cash can transmit the virus it's best to avoid it.

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