Dua Lipa and Adele Dua Lipa and Adele

Female pop singers with the coolest deep voices, you'll love their low vocal ranges

Here are the most powerful deep voices of global pop. These female singers will make you fall in love with their unique voices.

Is pretty easy to be shocked by the high notes while watching our favorite artists. Is pretty common to think that a good singer is one who can hit those insane high notes. However, that is not true.

We all have a certain voice style and natural range. That's why there are also too many types of singers. It's time to appreciate the skills of female pop singers with low ranges. Their unique voices will blow your mind.

All the ladies on this list are superstars that are dominating the global charts. They have millions of fanatics all over the world thank to their strong and deep voices. Is impossible not to love their performances.

Before starting we need to warn you that you might be joining their fandoms pretty soon. All these artists are super skillful. Are you ready for the show? The low voice Queens are coming!

The greatest female pop singer with low voices

1. Miley Cyrus

Let's start with the charismatic Miley Cyrus. Her vocal technique is flawless. Easily, she dominates all the genres, from country to rock.

2. Lorde

Lorde's music is pretty unique. In 2013 she conquered the world with her addictive hit "Royals".

3. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa's vocal skills are improving every single day. Nowadays, her voice sounds even better. Also, her unique style conquered the world a long time ago with the hits 'New Rules.

4. Sia

The powerful Sia actually has an insane vocal range. Her songs usually explore all the colors of her voice, but her distinctive raspy sound is really deep.

5. Adele

No one can deny that Adele is one of the best artists of this century. Her voice is warm and everyone already knows how skillful she is. Turn up the volume!

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