Lee Hyori, Jessi and Hwasa Lee Hyori, Jessi and Hwasa

Female K-Pop solo artists that have the most savage music in the industry

Are you looking for some music to add to your savage playlist? These K-Pop female singers have the most powerful songs.

The girl crush concept is quite common among the K-Pop groups. Nevertheless, there are a few artists whose fierce vibe is part of their real personality.

The music of these ladies have the best savage lyrics that will make you feel super confident. Are you ready to dance with these strong singers?

The most savage K-Pop female artists

1. Lee Hyori

This legendary singer was a pioneer among Korean artists with strong concepts. Back in early 2000, it was more common to see female musicians with soft and girly images.

This song explores how assertive women are called "Bad Girls". It is an awesome track.

2. CL

Now let's talk about this superstar. CL is not afraid to say what she thinks. The rapper herself is a symbol of power.

If you want to feel like nothing can stop you, the music of this lady is the best option.

3. Jessi

We are in front of another amazing rapper. We cannot leave this conversation without bringing up Jessi's name.

She has tons of songs that will encourage you to be happy wearing your own skin. Just be yourself like this artist do.

4. Lisa

We know that it may be soon to put Lisa on this list because of her short solo career. However, her attitude and style create the best savage songs. We'll wait for more of her music.

5. Hwasa

Hwasa's music is really versatile, but there is no doubt that mostly she performs with an insane stage presence. The member of MAMAMOO is one of the best vocalists in Korea so her music is melodic but powerful at the same time.

Among all these powerful ladies, who is your favorite?

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