Ailee for 'Don't Teach Me' Ailee for 'Don't Teach Me'

Female K-Pop singers that have the most impressive vocal performances

Here are the best vocalists in the K-Pop industry. These talented ladies will shock you with their unbelievable voices.

Honestly, is not easy to find out a bad singer among the K-Pop Idols. As you may know, before debuting, these artists spent many years of their teenagehood in the practice room. Just the best trainees could take part in a group.

That's why Korean artists achieve flawless performances. Despite being prepared to do everything, sing, dance, and rap, sometimes one of the members stands out because of their distinctive talent.

Today we are talking about the best female singer in this industry. Even though there are tons of skillful vocalists, these ladies have powerful voices that can easily conquer the crowd. No matter if they are soloists or they work with a group, their melodies are mind-blowing.

Your ears will be blessed after listening to these K-Pop singers. Be ready for the beautiful interpretations, insane vocal ranges, and perfect breathing control. Everything about their performances is awesome.

The best female K-Pop singers

1. Solar - MAMAMOO

We all know that all the members of MAMAMOO could be on this list. However, today we chose the most powerful voice of the group, Solar. The leader can sing perfectly in all genres. She is super versatile.

2. Taeyeon - Girls' Generation

We are in front of the legendary Taeyeon. We have her iconic Fine performance. Here we can see her singing acapella. Just an amazing vocalist like her can offer this kind of emotive show.

3. Wendy - Red Velvet

We dare you to find out any mistake in Wendy's vocal technique. Well, that's an impossible challenge because she doesn't have any. Just enjoy her beautiful voice.

4. Hyolyn

The former member of SISTAR will make you feel chills. Her powerful voice also can make the crowd really happy or cry if the song requires it. Let's recall this emotional Hyolyn's performance.

5. Ailee

We cannot leave this conversation without talking about Ailee's unbelievable talent. Choosing her best performance is not easy, however, this song is one of the greatest of her career. Such a masterpiece!

 Among all these wonderful singers, who is your favorite?

There are a few K-Pop vocalists that also are great dancers. Here are the best ones.

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