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Female K-Pop rappers with the fiercest vibes

K-Pop has not just colorful and playful music, there are various artists working on hip-hop. Here are the best female rappers of this industry.

Some of the roles in the K-Pop groups are singer, dancer and visual. Today we are talking about rappers. The Korean industry has offered tons of talented artists in this aspect.

As you may know, the most common image among the rappers is the strong and confident presence of this artist. Well, these ladies will surprise you with their fierce energy.

There are too many good rappers in the underground industry of Korea. However, today we are just talking about those women that belong -or used to belong- to a K-Pop group.

You shouldn't mess with these female artists! 

The best Female rappers of K-Pop groups

1. Soyeon - (G)I-DLE

Soyeon is an all rounded artist and she can do everything. Anyways, her rap will take you to another world. Check her solo version os LION.

2. LE - EXID

The rapper was the genius behind some of the greatest hits of EXID. Her attitude on stage is amazing, just as good as her rap.


Despite LALISA being a catchy song for everyone it has one of the best Lisa's rap. Her short but powerful rap in the second verse is not letting everyone doubt about her talent.

4. Moonbyul - MAMAMOO

She has an unique rap style, however Moonbyul is another great rapper that can dance and sing at the same time.

5. CL - 2NE1

CL has one of the most successful careers as a solo rapper. She has given us tons of amazing hits. It is not easy to find another female rapper as talented as she is.

There are too many Korean rappers that could be in this list. Who else do you want to see here?

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