Fantasy K-Dramas you need to watch Fantasy K-Dramas you need to watch

Fantasy K-Dramas that will take you to an amazing reality

Fantasy dramas have great stories to tell, so we recommend some of them that you won't stop enjoying

In fantasy K-Dramas we can find fantastic beings with amazing plots, so you won't be able to stop watching each of their episodes and get excited about these stories.

The creativity of South Korean writers and directors is widely reflected in each of the series that the country premieres. The best thing is that thanks to its popularity, we can often see it in more parts of the world with subtitles and almost on par with its launch in the country of origin.

There are more and more fans of K-Dramas and this type of series presents many stories and characters that involve the audience in their interesting plots. Korean dramas usually tell us all kinds of days, with romance, action, mystery, among many other categories for each fan.

Although there are also Korean dramas full of fantasy, with amazing stories, slightly unexpected characters but that also give the plot a unique and special power that fans end up loving unconditionally. Maybe a fantasy drama is your favorite one.

And so you still do not venture to see a story full of fantasy in K-Dramas, so here we recommend some so that you will love their plots and not miss any episode.

5 Korean fantasy dramas that you'll love with their amazing characters and stories

1. Hotel del Luna

Year: 2019
Starring Lee Ji Eun and Yeo Jin Goo

This drama revolves around a mysterious hotel in Seoul, but it's not just any place because everyone staying there is actually a ghost. You will learn more of his fantastic story in each episode.

Hotel del Luna | Twitter: @eyxzhn

You will love the story of 'Hotel del Luna' so don't miss it.

2. Chicago Typewriter

Year: 2017
Starring Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung

This is a cool K-Drama where a writer starts to remember more about his past life through a typewriter. This seems to have a ghost that asks him to continue something that he left pending, how will he achieve it?

'Chicago Typewriter' will enchant you with its story, plot, and characters.

3. The Uncanny Counter

Year: 2020
Starring Jo Byung Gyu and Yoo Jun Sang

This drama is about a group of demon hunters who work undercover at a restaurant to later take on those beings that torment humanity. Will you dare to watch this K-Drama?

The Uncanny Counter | Twitter: @Yongshi_Sejeong

You must see 'The Uncanny Counter' with its fantastic story and great characters.

4. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

This Korean drama is about a mermaid who is taken prisoner until a nobleman's son decides to set her free. This happened in the past and when this fantastic being is found in the present with the doppelgänger from whom he freed her, a new love could be born.

You will not stop watching the story of 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea'.

5. Tale Of Nine Tailed

Year: 2020
Starring Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah

This series tells the story of a mythical nine-tailed fox who is a seducer with humanity, he is also in charge of cleaning people's spirits, but something will change when he meets a girl.

Tale Of Nine Tailed | Twitter: @kdramawrId

'Tale Of Nine Tailed' has an original and very cool story that you have to watch. 

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