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Fantasy K-Dramas starring Lee Min Ho that you need to know

Are you ready to see Lee Min Ho in acting extraordinary worlds? You won't stop watching these fantasy K-Dramas.

We all love to watch great stories that can take us to other realities. In addition, if the protagonist is a super handsome man, for sure we'll be even more curious about it.

Lee Min Ho has worked on many types of projects. Today let's explore some of his best fantasy K-Dramas that these days are considered classics.

Be ready for wonderful stories and a lot of romance.

Iconic Fantasy K-Dramas starring Lee Min Ho

1. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

Here we'll see the actor as the king of Korea. He discovers that there are two different realities and he can travel in both worlds. It has a complicated mystery plot and a wonderful couple.

'The King: Eternal monarch' poster / By @chinguland

2. Faith (2012)

For this show the actor took the role of the Goryeo general Choi Young. He is a loyal warrior that is trying to protect the king. Eventually he will fall in love with a doctor from the modern days.

'Faith' promotional / By @moviemenfes

3. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2017)

Finally, let's talk about this hilarious show. Lee Min Ho is Kim Dam Ryeong, a young man who scams people to have a luxurious lifestyle. Suddenly he meets a mermaid and the love story begins.

'The Legend of the Blue Sea' / By @gchanelb

Among these shows, which one is your favorite?

Do you know what Lee Min Ho's movie was the first one of his career? This article has all the information for you.

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