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Emotional ballads by BIGBANG that will touch your heart

The legendary group BIGBANG has the best music. These emotive songs will make you fall for the softest side of the Idols.

BIGBANG is one of the most important groups in K-Pop history. The singers of "Fantastic Baby" are really important to understand the trends among the current generation of artists in Korea.

These superstars have too many songs famous for their powerful and fierce vibes such as "BANG BANG BANG". However, this group also has given us some beautiful songs that revealed the most vulnerable side of the singers. Enjoy these masterpieces.

The most beautiful song by BIGBANG


This great song explores the fear of falling in love. Here we see the dilemma of liking someone but hesitating because of a previous painful story.

2. Still Life (2022)

Here we see the most honest thoughts of the members. They welcome their mature side and they're nostalgic because of the old days.

3. If You (2016)

We'll can relate to this breakup song. The lyrics and the music will make you feel the sadness of finishing a relationship.

4. Haru Haru (2008)

Even if this one is old, this classic song needed to be on this list. The story of this music video has an impressive plot twist.

What other BIGBANG song should be on this list?

We have also an honorific mention of "Last Dance".

BIGBANG's rappers are some of the best in the Korean industry. Read this article to find out who else is at the top.

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