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EXO songs with the most iconic dance moves that you need to know

Are you looking for a great choreography to learn? These songs by EXO are the best option for you.

Despite being on hiatus, EXO is still one of the most important K-Pop boy groups. The youngest Korean artists are constantly showing their admiration for the singers of "Tempo".

These talented Idols have tons of great songs. Today let's recall those with the most iconic choreographies. Every single person in the K-Pop fanatic world had tried to dance to these songs at least once. Are you ready to dance with EXO?

Iconic EXO song with the greatest choreographies

1. Wolf (2013)

This amazing choreography starts with all the members in line to make the shape of a tree. Every single move was made to show the members as wolves.

2. The Eve (2017)

The charisma of these Idols is not a joke. The Eve mixed perfectly the dance with the powerful and melodic voices of the members. This performance will make you fall in love with the group.

3. Growl (2013)

This insane song gave EXO massive popularity. Growl is a complicated choreography that was filmed in just one take. This dance has inspired too many junior K-Pop artists.

4. Love Shot (2018)

We cannot leave without talking about this sexy dance. Kai is one of the most talented dancers in the industry. His fancam during the chorus of the iconic song is unforgettable.

EXO has tons of great performances. What other song should be on this list?

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