Lee Joon Gi dramas you must watch Lee Joon Gi dramas you must watch

Dramas starring Lee Joon Gi, binge watch the best series of this actor

Lee Joon Gi has starred in a lot of K-Dramas, here we recommend some of them for you to watch

There are a lot of dramas starring Lee Joon Gi, an excellent actor who works hard in every production, here we have the best of his dramas.

Lee Joon Gi is a legendary Korean actor who works hard in every drama or movie in which he works on. He debuted in 'Nonstop 4' in 2003 with an special appearance in this drama. Then in 2004 he was part of the cast of 'Drama City: What Should I Do?'.

Since then, Joon Gi has been working hard on new series and movies for fans. His K-Dramas have a great characters and all of the charismas of this actor. It's been a long time since his debut and his career keeps getting longer with more projects.

Fans love everything abour Lee Joon Gi and some of his dramas have been really popular, the public loves to see him taking the roles of amazing characters in every production. Have you watched all of the actor's dramas?

Here we recommend you some Lee Jon Gi's K-Dramas for you, chose your favorite ones from these great dramas.

6 Lee Joon Gi's dramas, watch the best ones which the actor stars in

1. Two Weeks

Year: 2013
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Kim So Yeon

This drama is about a gangster who has a girlfriend, and wants to stop being a criminal and have a good life, but he can't and his loved one disappears. Some years later she comes back since she had the baby and now needs something, will he be able to help her daughter?

Watch 'Two Weeks' it stars Lee Joon Gi and it has a great story for you.

2. Gunman in Joseon

Year: 2014
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi

This K-Drama is about a conflict between two political factions in 1876, there will be a man who is searching for vengance and he might turn into a hero.

Gunman in Joseon | Twitter: @_StaRiX

Watch 'Gunman in Joseon', you'll love his interesting history. 

3. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Year: 2015
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun

This drama is about a girl who travels to the past, as she doesn't know what to do, fakes amnesia and starts talking to people there. She falls in love with a prince, will their love be true?

'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' has a great story that you need to watch.

4. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Year: 2015
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Shim Chang Min

This K-Drama is about a vampire which gets along with a girl who is disguised as a man since her dad for betraying the nation, will she reveal her secret?

Schoolar who walks at night | Twitter: @TheDramaKorea

 You can watch 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' with an amazing story.

5. Lawless Lawyer

Year: 2018
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji

This drama is about an exgangster who is now a lawyer, he has a big record of victories in his cases but he won't trust in justice completely so he will use his own means to do it.

You'll love 'Lawless Lawyer' starring Lee Joon Gi.

6. Flower Of Evil

Year: 2020
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won

This drama is about a couple, she's a detective who is working on a case of a serial killer, and he's a good man or that's what it seems 'cause he has a dark side which his wife might be close to meet.

Flower Of Evil | Twitter: @eaperil21

Watch 'Flower Of Evil' with an incredible plot. 

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