Gong Yoo's dramas for you Gong Yoo's dramas for you

Dramas starring Gong Yoo, what are the best series of the actor?

Gong Yoo has an extensive career in K-Dramas and a lot of these series have been starred by this actor, here we recommend some

We love to see the work of Gong Yoo as an actor, a star who has already become a legend for Korean television and cinema, here we have some of his best dramas so you can enjoy his talents to the fullest.

In 2001, Gong Yoo first debuted as an actor. He first did it in the world of dramas, his first series was 'School 4' and since then he continued to work hard in various productions. In 2003 he came to the movies participating in the movie 'My Tutor Friend' where he experienced a new facet in his career.

Such were the beginnings of Gong Yoo in acting, both on television and in Korean cinema, he has done an excellent job as an actor and has made many fans who now admire his talent internationally. There are a lot of things we can admire about this South Korean celebrity.

But if we focus on K-Dramas we will find great characters of Gong Yoo, some of his best performances are in series that left a great mark on the public. Many of the television productions in which this actor has worked became favorites of the public and classics for fans.

If you want to enjoy more of this actor, here we have the best dramas starring Gong Yoo, you can choose your favorite and watch his best characters.

6 K-Dramas starring Gong Yoo, get to know all the facets of this actor

1. Hello My Teacher

Year: 2005
Starring Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo

This drama is about a girl who was in love with her highschool teacher but she expelled from her school so she comes back 10 years later as a techer so she can make her platonic love true. But something changes since she's in charge of a student who quickly becomes her friend.

Watch 'Hello My Teacher' one of the first K-Dramas starring Gong Yoo.

2. One Fine Day

Year: 2006
Starring Gong Yoo and Sung Yu Ri

This one is kinda full of tragedy at the beginning since it's about a girl whose mother dies and then she's adopted by a new one. She has now a brother but then the parents of these two die too. She gets adopted once more by a rich family and her brother would use her for his own benefit, but then they might fall in love.

One Fine Day | Twitter: @gigidorameira79

You'll love the story of 'One Fin Day' starring Gong Yoo. 

3. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Year: 2007
Starring Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye

This drama tells the story of a guy who comes from a rich family, he needs to be in charge of a coffee shop owned by his grandma so he has this plan to make it work better and wants to hire male staff only. A girl with work with him even if she has to you have to pretend to be a man.

'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' has a pretty interesting plot that you need to watch.

4. Goblin

Year: 2016
Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun 

This is a classic drama, it's about an immortal being who needs a girl which will break the spell and make him mortal. A lot of time after getting his curse he might find her and love will cure it.

Goblin | Twitter: @Beltranely1

If tyou haven't watched 'Goblin' yet, then you need to do it! 

5. Big

Year: 2012
Starring Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung

This drama is about a teacher who has a good life, she'll marry her boyfriend but he starts acting werid a month before the wedding, then she meets this new student who changes her feelings. But everything changes when they all have an accident and she needs to decide who to save.

Watch 'Big' and get to know everything about its story.

6. The Silent Sea

Year: 2021
Starring Gong Yoo and Bae Doona

This drama is about a group of astronauts who have a great mission on space. They need to bring something which will help the earth since it's almost like a desert now, what will they find during their trip?

The Silent Sea | Twitter: @NetflixGeeked

 'The Silent Sea' has a very interesting story for you to watch.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some based on books which you'll love, these have the best plots.

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