Doja Cat makeups Doja Cat makeups

Doja Cat's makeups easy to recreate to look as beautiful as the singer

We love Doja Cat's looks and also her makeup, here are some that you can recreate

You can recreate these Doja Cat makeups that we really love, use your skills and look as beautiful as this rapper.

Doja Cat is one of the most popular singers in the international music industry. Her songs have managed to connect with the public thanks to their incredible lyrics and rhythms. Live is even more phenomenal to see this rapper. So she definitely is a star admired by millions of fans.

We can also admire Doja's personality, she is someone extremely fun and charismatic. She is also good at expressing her opinions as she doesn't hold anything back. She is a dreamer and very dedicated to her work, fans love to read her, listen to her or see her live when she shares time with them through Instagram.

And not to mention Doja's style and beauty, she always looks great, her outfits and makeup enchant fans when she goes on stage or in her music videos. Although she also likes to put on makeup just for fun. So sometimes without a special occasion we have seen her look wonderful with her makeup on her day.

So here are some makeup looks that we really liked and that you can easily recreate. Doja Cat looks great like this and surely you will look great too.

6 Makeup styles Doja Cat has worn that you could easily recreate

1. Green

In this Doja Cat makeup style, the green color predominates and it also has a white outline with some little figures.

Green look on Doja | Twitter: @girlsinrap

2. Smoky

Look at these smoky eyes on Doja Cat, she looks amazing. Gray is a cool color too when you use it in a good way.

Smoky eyes with smoke | Twitter: @DojaNews

3. Purple haze

Every color looks good on Doja Cat, and purple is not an exception this was her look on VMA's and we loved it!

Doja Cat in purple | Twitter: @TheCut

4. Purple and white

Purple and white are a great combination that Doja Cat uses and this time combines a dark and light color which create a great contrast.

Doja Cat's graphic eyeliner | Twitter: @diorgyuu

5. Graphic eyeliner

For the BBMAs, Doja looked amazing and her graphic eyeliner is a great proof of it, we love how good it looks, it's satisfying.

Graphic eyeliner | Twitter: @Nitascornerr_

6. Fake freckles

Sometimes Doja adds some fake freckles to her makeup and they look pretty good, we all love them, it's a natural and easy makeup.

Doja Cat with fake freckels | Twitter: @DojaHitSoSticky

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