Best Doja Cat collabs Best Doja Cat collabs

Doja Cat's best collaborations that must be on your playlist

Doja Cat has worked with many other artists to release the best songs, which one is your favorite?

Doja Cat is one of the most recognized artists today and her work has also managed to stand out alongside other artists with her best collaborations, which is your favorite one?

Doja Cat's work as a singer and rapper is widely recognized within the international music industry. This artist has managed to gain millions of fans around the world who do not stop supporting and admiring each song and project to which she belongs. This has given him a great place in music.

Today, Doja's name is recognized everywhere on the planet and songs like 'Boss Bitch', 'Steets' or 'Woman' are not only heard on radio stations in many countries. These tracks have also become viral on the internet and digital platforms show us more of Doja Cat's popularity as a singer.

Maybe you already have a favorite song performed by Doja Cat, and that is that the rapper has a lot of tracks that her fans can enjoy. Her moods, rhythms and beats are simply unique and manage to leave her mark on many admirers who find Doja a complete and talented artist.

But Doja not only triumphs with her own songs, but also with great collaborations with other artists just as amazing as her. Here we have the best collaborations of hers that you will not be able to get out of your mind or your playlist.

The 5 best collaborations of Doja Cat, this is her work with other artists

1. Say So Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

If by itself 'Say So' was already an extremely popular song, Doja Cat joined Nicki Minaj for the remix of this track, making it even cooler and thus the talents of both rappers were united in this collaboration.

2. You Right ft. The Weeknd

For Doja Cat's album 'Planet Her' the singer collaborated with The Weeknd on 'You Right' a song with a fabulous rhythm, amazing lyrics that tell a whole story and a music video that simply transports us to another world.

3. Juicy ft. Tyga

'Juicy' is one of the favorite songs of Doja Cat fans, this song was the collaboration with rapper Tyga, a great and fun track that will surely make you dance as soon as it starts.

4. I Don't Do Drugs ft. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Doja Cat had previously worked together on the '34 + 35' remix, but with 'I don't do drugs' it was even better, as their voices blended perfectly for this great song that her fans simply they loved.

5. Scoop ft. Lil Nas X

'Scoop' is a song in which Doja Cat worked together with Lil Nas X, a great singer who not only made an impact with his studio work alongside Doja Cat, but also with the music video that left us in shock, but we just love it.

 What is your favorite Doja Cat collab?  The rapper has many more but we couldn't list them all or this top would become eternal.

And speaking of collaborations, Doja Cat has a very special one that will surprise you with her tenderness, here we tell you what it is about.

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