Doja Cat songs that are platinum certified Doja Cat songs that are platinum certified

Doja Cat songs that have been certified platinum in the US

There are plenty of popular Doja Cat songs that have achieved platinum certification in the US

Fan support is always reflected in various awards and certifications given to artists, how many times has Doja Cat achieved platinum?

Doja Cat is an excellent singer who has impressed the world with her talents, in addition to having a phenomenal voice and rapping with a unique style, she also works on the pre-production of her tracks. Doja writes her own songs, she has also composed and produced some of her tracks.

Doja Cat's creativity is totally embodied in every single, album and even in her performances. She really is made to build the best songs and the fact that a lot of her tracks are so popular is proof. When Doja releases something, it quickly becomes the world's favorite song.

Of course, Doja Cat has been recognized and awarded thanks to her work, the support of her fans and the popularity of her songs. She sweeping in various awards, winning at the Grammys and continuing as the queen of reproductions on digital platforms and also in physical sales.

All this counts and now Doja Cat has a lot of songs certified gold, but also platinum, the highest recognition in the music industry, which songs of this artist are certified platinum?

8 Doja Cat songs that got platinum certification in the US

1. Say So

We say this a lot but, 'Say So' is definitively the most popular Doja Cat song and also the one with more platinum certifications, it has a total of 5.

2. Get Into It (Yuh)

'Planet Her' was such an amazing album by Doja Cat, this one features 'Get Into It (Yuh)' a pretty cool song in which Doja almost collaborated with Nicki Minaj, but Nicki said it was perfect, it didn't needed anything else she could add. This one has 1 platinum certification.

3. Candy

Oh! 'Candy' is a pretty cool song, it was trending on TikTok for some time, we can remember that. This was the second single from 'Amala' released in 2018 and has 1 platinum certification.

4. Kiss Me More

4 platinum certifications are owned by 'Kiss Me More', it was the first single from 'Planet Her', an amazing track featuring SZA which gave us the introduction to the amazing Doja's album.

5. Streets

We all love 'Streets', the rythm, the lyrics, everything is sooo amazing about this song from 'Hot Pink', we'd say that it was kinda underrated when the album came out but then it became pretty populare for its remix used on TikTok. It has double platinum certification.

6. Woman

Another song we love so much and has double platinum certification is 'Woman', such a cool track featured in 'Planet Her', we can't stop listening to this one.

7. Juicy

This was one of the first songs that caught the world's attention, 'Juicy' is amazing and Doja Cat worked with Tyga in this track which has triple platinum certification.

8. Need To Know

'Need To Know' was the second single from 'Planet Her' and it took us to an amazing adventure in space. This song has triple platinum certification.

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