Doja Cat songs on series Doja Cat songs on series

Doja Cat songs that have appeared in some of our favorite series

Some songs of Doja Cat are the perfect soundtrack of your favorite series, have you heard these tracks of the singer on television?

On television we have been able to see and listen to Doja Cat, not only with her performances and music videos, but also because her songs have appeared in many series and even movies, could you find the singer in these?

Doja Cat is one of the most popular and relevant singers in the international music industry at the moment. She has been dominating music charts and award shows for some time now and every new track the rapper releases becomes a hit.

There are so many tracks that we can enjoy from this singer and that we definitely wouldn't get tired of listening to. Doja's albums are full of gems that she is in charge of writing, composing and interpreting. This is how she demonstrates her great creativity and power off and on stage.

For all Doja Cat fans, it might be difficult to choose just one favorite song by this singer. But we know that there are some that have become extremely popular in the collective and that even casual listeners really enjoy every time they play on the radio.

But Doja Cat has also appeared on television, some of our favorite series have used songs by this rapper in their soundtracks and perhaps in the least expected moments, we listen to Doja.

6 Doja Cat songs that have been part of the soundtrack of our favorite series

1. Go To Town

On the album 'Amala' which Doja Cat released on 2018, we can find her song 'Go To Town' this one has appeared in a lot of series like 'Betty', 'The Society' and 'Broad City' too!

2. Juicy

We love 'Juicy' which is a song featured on the album 'Hot Pink', and Tyga has a great particiopation in this one too. Doja has appeared with this song in series scuh as 'Harlem', 'Siesta Key', 'Euphoria' and 'The L Word: Generation'.

3. Say So

'Say So' might be Doja Cat's most popular song, this one has appeared in some series such as 'A Million Little Things', 'Siesta Key' and 'Dave'.

4. Freak

If you watched the series 'YOU', then you heard Doja Cat at some point since 'Freak' appeared on this one. The song is a single that Doja released on 2020.

5. Need To Know

'Planet Her' is a great album that Doja Cat released on 2021. The second single from this one was 'Need To Know' which we cound find on the sixth season of 'Riverdale'.

6. Like That

For 'Hot Pink' which Doja released on 2019, the rapper worked with Gucci Mane in 'Like That', a very cool song that also appeared on the series 'Queens', you can hear it on its season one and episode five.

Keep listening to more songs from your favorite artists, here we have some songs which will empower you as a woman! 

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