Doja Cat's songs that became popular on TikTok Doja Cat's songs that became popular on TikTok

Doja Cat songs that became very popular on TikTok, which ones were trending?

Some of Doja Cat's songs went viral on TikTok, which one is your favorite?

Doja Cat's music is incredible and the general public has become a listener of this great artist, this also thanks to those of her songs that went viral on TikTok.

Doja Cat is an excellent singer and rapper who throughout her career has worked on her own tracks to offer the public songs that really come from her heart and mind. This artist has managed to connect very well with the public that she has quickly become her fan.

Some of Doja Cat's songs have become extremely popular and the world has begun to dance and sing along with this excellent little artist. Doja works hard as a writer and composer of her own songs, which is why her effort is reflected in her popularity.

And we know very well that although Doja Cat has quite a few songs, not all of them become popular, some of them are quite underrated. But thanks to those who shine around the world, Doja becomes better known and little by little all her tracks begin to get the attention they deserve.

Surely you know very well that there are a lot of Doja Cat songs that went viral on TikTok, these are some of them that became trending, did you also upload your video dancing to these songs?

6 Doja Cat songs that went viral on TikTok, these were their trends

1. Say So

'Say So' was a total queen in TikTok, even the coreography for its performance came out from said social network, it was a huge trend. It's the most popular song by Doja and it says it all.

2. Kiss Me More

The first single from Doja Cat's 'Planet Her' was 'Kiss Me More' and as soon as it was released, it trended on TikTok, a lot of users added this song to their videos, it was cool.

3. Woman

We all love 'Woman', another track from 'Planet Her' and this one also became a huge trend on TikTok, it's the perfect song to dedicate to that guy you wanna be with.

4. Streets

This was a great classic we all like, 'Streets' gor a remix and it trended on TikTok with the sexiest dance of them all.

5. Freak

Maybe 'Freak' used to be a kinda underrated Doja Cat song, but then it trended on TikTok and it was pretty cool, it was used for a lot of content creators on the platform.

6. Like That

'Like That' didn't trended as much as the other songs on the list but some fans and non-fans did their videos using this amazing Doja's track.

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