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Doja Cat music videos with the most unique outfits, her fashion sense is insane!

Doja Cat's creativity is out of this world! These music videos are living proof of her unique fashion sense.

Doja Cat is a genius that creates the most addictive beats. Every single track she drops will be all over the Internet. We can talk for hours about the tons of TikTok challenges that were made thanks to her music.

The pop star is very talented. Her raps, lyrics, vocals, and dancing skills are always on point. All these abilities made her one of the best performers of the moment. Doja Cat never fails, her shows are the best in the game.

At the same time, she is conquering millions of fanatics because of her creativity. Her songs reflect her unique personality. The rapper also cares about the visuals, her singles are not complete without a perfect music video.

Her fashion sense is quite uncommon. Of course, she looks amazing wearing any kind of outfit. We have for you some of her music videos where she gave us the most iconic outfits of her career. Are you ready for the fashion show?

The most fashionable Doja Cat music videos

1. Boss B*tch

Doja Cat prepared the best edgy outfit that suits perfectly the anti-hero movie "Birds of Prey".


2. Need to Know

This music video is a masterpiece! The production staff is taking us to another universe. These futuristic outfits are fantastic.

3. Kiss Me More ft. SZA

Planet Her era gave us tons of iconic outfits. In this video, she is a super sexy goddess. Doja Cat looks awesome in pastel colors.

4. Juicy

Of course, we need to talk about these fruit-inspired outfits. Which one is your favorite one, the cherry of the watermelon style?

5. Get Into It (Yuh)

Finally, in this music video, Doja Cat is an interstellar cat lover. These outfits are literally out of this world.

What other music video should be on the list?

Don't miss these "Say So" performances. Doja Cat reinvented her iconic single.

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