Doja Cat in costumes we want to recreate Doja Cat in costumes we want to recreate

Doja Cat costumes that all her fans will want to recreate

Doja Cat looks wonderful in these beautiful costumes, can you recreate them?

We adore Doja Cat on and off stage, she has sometimes dressed up for MVs, photoshoots or even Halloween and now we all wish we could recreate these costumes.

Doja Cat is a great singer and rapper who has won the hearts of a lot of fans who have shown her all their love and support with every new song she releases. She is undoubtedly an amazing star who is not only limited to performing her songs, but also writing, composing and producing.

There is much to admire about Doja and her personality also catches our attention, she is someone unique, fun, without taboos and who will always be sincere and honest. She is also very creative and witty, she has a great sense of humor and her sense of sarcasm is just amazing. This has also conquered her fans.

And let's not forget the visuals of Doja Cat, she is a truly beautiful artist, she has very nice physical features. And she adds even more style to her body every time she has a photoshoot for her albums or for magazines. But we have also seen her in costume in her MVs and for Halloween.

So we have some Doja Cat costumes that we'd love to recreate. They wore them spectacularly and thus inspire their fans to dress up even if it's for fun.

6 Costumes Doja Cat has worn that we'd love to recreate

1. Ms. Bellum

I don't trust Kitten who already surpassed Doja Cat as Ms. Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls, we really loved this costume and she just made it spectacular.

Doja as Ms. Bellum | Twitter: @thetrashgab

2. Cinthya Doll

We also can't get over Doja Cat as the famous Cinthya doll that appeared in Rugrats, definitely a classic that she used very well.

Doja was Cinthya doll with this costume | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

3. Princess Kida

Doja Cat can also be a Disney character and she proved it with her Princess Kida costume from the movie 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'.

Doja Cat as Princess Kida | Twitter: @Liahiveolsen

4. Cow for Mooo!

'Mooo!' It's a classic Doja Cat song and in that MV he was wearing a little cow costume that many Kittens have actually recreated.

Doja Cat in her cow costume for Mooo! | Twitter: @cara_ricketts

5. Pink Cat for Say So

To promote 'Say So' Doja Cat released some photos where she was dressed as a pink cat and she looked super cool, we need to dress up like this.

Doja Cat in a pink cat costume | Twitter: @dojacatbrasiI

6. Alien for Need To Know

Doja Cat turned into a blue alien for the 'Need To Know' MV, we love all the outfits she wore, the color of her skin and her beautiful hairstyle too.

Doja Cat in Need To Know | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

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