BLACKPINK members' fandom names BLACKPINK members' fandom names

Does BLACKPINK have individual fandoms? These are the names of each one

Did you know that each member of BLACKPINK has their own fandom? The stans of each girl group idol have a special name

A lot of K-Pop groups don't just have full band fandoms, they have individual fandoms as well. Like BLACKPINK, here we tell you what the fans are called according to their bias in the girl group.

BLACKPINK has a lot of fans, even if we can't count BLINK on Earth, we know that social networks can tell us a little bit about how many stans this girl group has. There are millions of boys and girls who love this idol group and they show their love in different ways.

In spotify BLACKPINK has more that 13 million monthly listeners, that's a huge amount of people, to be honest. But we think that there are more fans than this quantity since there are fans who use iTunes instead of Spotify, for example. But we surely know that BP has one of the biggest fandom of K-Pop.

And these followers tend to sho their support and love for BLACKPINK at any moment, it doesn't matter the project or thing, they will give everything for their favorite group. That's how these idols have reached a lot of goals and broke a lot of records thanks to BLINK.

But, did you know that for BLACKPINK there's more than one fandom? Yep, BLINK is the fanbase of the group but there are names for the stans of each member, get to know them.

What are BLACKPINK's individual fandoms called?

1. Jisoo

‘Sooya’ or ‘Sooyas’ is the name with which Jisoo solo fans identify, it's not an official name given by the idol, it's one that stans adopted inspired by the idol's username on Instagram.

Soyaas are Jisoo's stans | Twitter: @kimjisoopict

2. Jennie

The name of the fandom of Jennie is Jensetter, it might be used in plural or singular and they love this idol so much. Just like Jisoo, it's not an official name, it's more like a fanmade fandom, lol.

Are you a Jensetter? | Twitter: @wonheroine

3. Rosé

Rosé fans are called Fansé, they identify with this name, but it's not official, it's made by fans themselves.

Rosé's fans name | Twitter: @minaachuuu

4. Lisa

Lillie is the name of Lisa fandom, her fans called themselves like this, isn't it a cute name? Maybe you're a Lillie.

This is Lisa's fandom name | Twitter: @lali_031827

Even if there are these individual fandoms, BLINK is in charge of supporting and loving the four BLACKPINK members.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, do you know who ar the rappers of the girl group? 

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