Harry Styles' best covers Harry Styles' best covers

Covers made by Harry Styles that give a new twist to the original songs

Harry Styles has covered different songs, here are some of our favorites

Harry Styles not only demonstrates his great talent with his own songs, but also with his covers to other artists who give each song their own touch in a new version.

Harry Styles is a talented singer who also has great charisma. His history with music begins with his debut in the boy band One Direction, since then he showed his great talents as a singer. Sadly, 1D has gone on indefinite hiatus but that doesn't mean Harry has forgotten about his music.

Now we have Styles as a solo artist and he is magnificent, since his solo debut he showed more of his brilliance and began to generate a more personal stamp that easily allowed him to stand out. Little by little, this artist has been able to evolve and completely take over the music industry thanks to his great tracks.

Now Harry has millions of fans around the world, people who support him with each new album, who sell out his concerts and who place him at the top of the most important global music charts. His music is what really moves his fans.

But Harry Styles has not only delighted us with his own songs, but also with great covers that he has released on different occasions. Live he usually performs original songs from other artists doing his own version.

6 Covers of Harry Styles to other artists, he gives these songs a new personal stamp

1. Wet Dream, originally by Wet Leg

For Harry Styles' Live Lounge, he chose a Wet Leg song to cover, he did his own version of 'Wet Dream', it was great, the rock flowed very well with this soloist's voice.

2. Sledgehammer, origynally by Peter Gabriel

Harry Styles was a guest on the Howard Stern Show, where he talked about how much he admires Peter Gabriel and also took the opportunity to cover the song 'Sledgehammer' which was released on the 1986 album 'So'.

3. Juice, originally by Lizzo

We all love Lizzo, an amazing singer who has a great talent and 'Juice' is one of her most popular songs. Harry has covered this one a couple of times giving this great song a cool version. (But the original one is cooler, right?).

4. Girl Crush, Originally by Little Big Town

We're sure everyone loves Harry's version of 'Girl Crush', but this is an original song by Little Big Town. It was released in 2014 on the album 'Pain Killer'.

5. The Chain, orginally by Fletwood Mac

Harry Styles has performed 'The Chain' loads of times, this is a cover he did to Fleetwood Mac. It's a classic released in 1977 on the 'Rumors' album. We love the original version and also Harry's.

6. Wonderful Christmastime, originally by Paul McCartney

The Beatles have inspired a lot of bands and artists and Harry paid tribute to Paul McCartney with his cover of 'Wonderful Christmastime'.

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