'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' poster 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' poster

Comedy K-Dramas with the 'Love in the Office' plot

Do you like Office K-Dramas? You're gonna love these romantic comedies. Are you ready to laugh?

The world of work is not easy, it is competitive and stressful. K-Dramas writers know that we want something to chill out in our free time. So they create some story that mixes both worlds perfectly.

There are various shows where we can see how the super handsome man of the office falls in love with a colleague. Today we are collecting for you the funniest dramas with this plot.

Grab your popcorn and don't forget to be careful, you're gonna laugh a lot.

The funniest K-Dramas about a couple in the office

1. Bussines Proposal (2022)

'Business Proposal' poster / By @vminiecats

Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejong) accepts to replace her best friend on a blind date. Her life turns complicated when she discovers that the man she dated is the CEO of the company she works in.

This hilarious show just finished a few weeks ago. You need to watch before the spoilers get into your feed.

2. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' poster / By @OmarchisLee

Kim Mi So has been working as a secretary for the same company for 9 years. Her boss is a narcissist and workaholic man. She decides to quit in order to take care of her personal life. Then the boss will realize how important she is for him

Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon played the main couple. Such a visual duet! Have you already watched it? No? What are you waiting for?

3. Touch Your Heart (2019)

This drama stars Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. This was our second opportunity to enjoy this couple on the screen.

The story takes place in a law firm led by the cold lawyer Kwon Jung Rok. The firm accepts hiring Oh Yeon Seo as the new secretary. She is an actress who is trying to overcome a scandal. The interaction of this character is really funny. You're gonna love them.

'Touch Your Heart' poster / By @Anyelinarodz

What other office K-Drama should be in this list?

Check here some school K-Dramas that you won't stop watching.

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