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College K-Dramas with the best stories you can watch today

There are a lot of Korean dramas that develop their plots in college, here we recommend some

Perhaps school dramas are usually interesting, but even more so when they take place at the university because the students are ready to work and some K-Dramas take us to know their processes and adventures.

Each K-Drama has a different story, in these Korean series we can find excellent characters, great plots and more that take us through various adventures. Each of these productions is usually extremely interesting for fans who enjoy everything about them.

Korean dramas feature all the creativity of amazing writers, as well as the hard work of our favorite actors and actresses who embody the characters and add a special touch to each plot. As always, there are dramas with different themes and taking place in different places.

School dramas lead us to meet students mainly, of course, depending on each plot, we will see different stories and adventures. On this occasion we will talk about university dramas where the protagonists face the future. Well, soon they will finish their studies and start working.

So if you want to watch some college K-Dramas, here we have some for you, you can enjoy the best stories with all these students one step away from becoming workers.

6 College K-Dramas with fun and interesting plots

1. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Year: 2018
Starring Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo

This drama is about a girl who suffered a lot of bullying for her image, she will soon decide to have plastic surgery and now that she enters the University she is a new and beautiful person, how will her story start in school?

We love 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' so, you better watch it.

2. At a Distance, Spring is Green

Year: 2021
Starring Park Ji Hoon and Kang Min Ah

In this drama we will see different students in the university, they are even in different grades and have to face different situations due to their origins, lives and so on. It is based on a webtoon of the same name and shows us a reality that perhaps not everyone sees during college.

At A Distance Spring Is Green | Twitter: @theseoulstory

You can watch 'At a Distance, Spring is Green' and its college story. 

3. Go Back Couple

Year: 2017
Starring Son Ho Joon and Jang Na Ra

In this drama we meet a married couple who regret getting together so young, so somehow both of them can go back to college, when they were 20 years old and could change their future now, will they or will they fall in love again?

You need to watch 'Go Back Couple'.

4. My First First Love

Year: 2019
Starring Kim Ji Soo and Jung Chae Yeon

In this K-Drama, a group of students are forced to live together, this now makes them live more closely and each one will unite their path to the other in friendship and also in love.

My First First Love | Twitter: @kdramea

'My First First Love' is a great drama you can watch.

5. Queen Of The Ring

Year: 2017
Starring Kim Seul Gi and Ahn Hyo Seo

This series is about a girl who studies at the university and is very insecure of herself, she feels that she is not attractive to others. But one day she discovers a mysterious family ring that leads her to find her ideal boy, what will happen?

'Queen Of The Ring' has a beautiful story.

6. Semantic Error

Year: 2022
Starring Park Seo Ham and Hae Chan

In this BL drama we meet a student who is about to finish his university career and go to study abroad. But his plans change because he stood up a teammate in one of his subjects and this prevents him from graduating. So now they will have to find each other and maybe hate will turn into love.

Semantic Error | Twitter: @ayneeddu

Watch 'Semantic Error' with his great adventure. 

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