Collabs between K-Pop artists and Western singers Collabs between K-Pop artists and Western singers

Collaboration songs of K-Pop groups and Western artists that mix their talents

Some of our favorite idol groups have collaborated with western artists and they released the best songs

Talent from east and west has come together in different collaborations from our favorite idol groups and international artists. Here we have some of our favorite songs as well.

In K-Pop there are complete artists, excellent singers who reach unimaginable ranges, rappers with strong, fast and agile verses that we love, and dancers who give their all in each performance. This musical genre is a complete show where we can not only enjoy something auditory, but also visual.

So even though the culture and fandoms are different, a lot of Korean artists have been noticed by Western artists. We know that the international music industry is almost completely dominated by artists from the United States, for example. And in them lies a great importance.

It is also well known that a lot of our K-Pop idols admire foreign artists a lot and they are indeed inspired and motivated to follow their paths through music. Talents from East and West have come together on several occasions thanks to collaboraion songs.

Here we have some of the songs in collaboration of our favorite idol groups with international artists, fans loved these tracks that mix talent from two places in the world that can be very different.

6 Songs by western artists with K-Pop groups that enchanted all fans internationally

1. My Universe BTS and Coldplay

Coldplay chose BTS as a good group to collab with and 'My Universe' was such a cool track dedicated to fans of both bands. ARMY loved this great song and the general public too!

2. Sour Candy by BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga

Gir power is always big in K-Pop since BLACKPINK has a lot of fans and dominates on the industry. Just like Lady Gaga who chose this girl group to collaborate for 'Sour Candy'.

3. How We Do by MONSTA X and Snoop Dogg

MONSTA X was the first K-Pop group ever to collaborate with Snoop Dogg, the song 'How We Do' is part of the soundtrack for 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run'.

4. Let's Shut Up & Dance by NCT 127, LAY and Jason Derulo

SM Entertainment's artists Lay and NCT 127 worked with Jason Derulo in 'Let's Shut Up & Dance' during 2019. It was some kind of unexpected collaboration, but we loved it anyways.

5. Yummy Yummy Love by MOMOLAND and Natti Natasha

MOMOLAND had an amazing comeback and on their album 'Yummy Yummy Love' they featured the song with the same name in which the idols collaborated with Natti Natasha.

6. Ain't About You by Wonho and Kiiara

Kiiara is an American artist who worked with K-Pop soloist Wonho in his song 'Ain't About You' that we can listen in on his album 'Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us'.

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