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Classic K-Dramas that gave us the best Original Soundtrack ever

There are just a few K-Dramas that have not just one but tons of great songs for their Original Soundtrack. Here are the best stories and songs of the Korean series.

The stories that we watch on the screen are always working with music. The background sounds are just as important as a skilled actor, the camera direction, and a good script. The Korean industry is constantly mixing film, series, and music projects.

The K-Dramas production staff asks the most talented musicians of the moment to participate in the Original Soundtrack for the shows. Since these popular are very talented, sometimes just one song of the project can become popular even among those who aren't watching the series.

However, is not easy to make a popular show, a good story, and all the OST's tracks climb the chart at the same time. This giant achievement has been conquered by just a few K-Dramas in Hallyu's history.

All the dramas in this list meet certain requirements: Being a global success; Having a great plot; Flawless acting performances; At least three unforgettable OST songs. Let's find out if your favorite show is here.

Iconic K-Dramas with unforgettable OTS

1. Boys Over Flower (2009)

Is there someone who doesn't know about this unforgettable show? Every single song of the drama is so good "Almost Paradise" by T.Max,  the iconic "Stand By Be" by SHINee, and more.

2. Goblin (2016)

The production staff of this drama has the best taste. Here we listened to various talented singers been the background of this beautiful story. "Round and Round", "Beautiful" "Stay With Me" and the emotive "I Will Go To You Like the First Snow". We can't decide which is the best one!

3. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

As soon as "Everytime" starts your mind will be traveling to the scenes of this adorable K-Drama. EXO's Chen and Punch made a wonderful job with this song. However, we also got "Always" and "Talk Love" thanks the show.

Among these K-Dramas which one is your favorite? We love all of them!

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