Chinese school dramas for you Chinese school dramas for you

Chinese school dramas with student romance for you

We love romances developed in schools, so here we recommend some C-Dramas with this theme

China has a lot of dramas that fans can enjoy, so here we recommend some school C-Dramas with the love story of some students.

Asian series have gained great popularity around the world. The best thing is that many countries of that continent produce their own stories with a unique stamp to present highly original and interesting plots to the public. When we talk about China, this country is not far behind with its dramas.

Chinese dramas are extremely interesting, funny, entertaining and so on. All kinds of topics are touched on in their plots, there are no limits to the creativity of the writers and directors who work on the creation of these amazing series from China. And we still haven't started talking about the great performance of the actors in each of these productions.

It is for this and many more reasons that C-Dramas have become some of the favorite series of fans. We can find romance, comedy, action, historical and other stories that end up completely captivating the public and looking for many more Chinese dramas for their watchlist.

So here we have some Chinese school dramas that you will love, you need to have them in your watchlist, they are full of romance and beautiful youth stories.

5 Romance school C-Dramas to fill your watchlist with lots of love

1. Skate Into Love

Year: 2020
Starring Janice Wu and Steven Zhang

This C-Drama is about a girl and a boy who met during elementary school, they didn't have a lot of things in common but their love for ice skating. Then they'll meet again at the University and maybe love will be born this time.

Skate Into Love | Twitter: @FancyYou_0

Watch 'Skate Into Love' with a beautiful love story of these two University students. 

2. Master Devil Do Not Kiss me

Year: 2017
Starring Xing Fair and Li Hong Yi

This drama is about a girl who loses her family and then she's adopted by a new one, her new family is rich and the leader of the same is a teacher on the same highschool she's gonna study from now on. She'll discover why they call him devil teacher there.

'Master Devil Do Not Kiss me' has a great plot that you'll love to watch.

3. A Little Thing Called First Love

Year: 2019
Starring Lai Kuan Lin and Zhao Jin Mai 

In this story we get to know a girl who falls in love with the most popular, talented and smart guy in school. She decides to make a change in her life which makes her have a colorful one from now own, will she also conquer the heart of her loved one?

A Little Thing Called First Love | Twitter: @nawadracarys

You can watch 'A Little Thing Called First Love' and enjoy its amazing story. 

4. With You

Year: 2016
Starring Tan Song Yun and Liu Hao Ran

This is a great drama about a group of students who became friends, they will have different stories and origines and we'll follow their adventures at school, love and problems.

You'll love the story of 'With You', that's why you should watch this C-Drama.

5. Meteor Garden

Year: 2018
Starring Shen Yue and Dylan Wang

This is a classic story which has different versions, it's about F4, a group of rich and popular boys on highschool, a girl gets to this school and has to face the power and influence of the other students.

Meteor Garden | Twitter: @fluffycaramell

 If you haven't watched 'Meteor Garden', then you need to do it!

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